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5 Chic and Affordable Back To School Outfit Ideas For College Students


I was a neatly dressed student when I was in college. I can’t remember ever wearing yoga pants or flip-flops to class. Jeans, cardigans, and shirts were my best friend and they still tend to dominate my wardrobe. Whether you are a student starting a new semester this fall or an office going women.These 5 outfits will help you look effortlessly chic but before that let’s talk about the basic pieces that you should add in your back to school shopping list

Back To School Basics

  • Tops- Flannel shirts, Striped tees, lightweight sweaters, logo tees, and Jumpsuits
  • Outwear- Bomber jacket (on trend for Fall), Denim jacket, long cardigans
  • Bottoms- Skinny jeans, Boyfriend jeans, Joggers, pleated skirts and tie-waist pants
  • Shoes-  All these outfits will look great with converse or vans or any sneakers you have preferably in white. I wore different shoes to give you options. Boots in cognac and sand/beige will also go well with all these outfits
  • Accessories- Backpacks, cross body bags and totes in neutral shades will go well with all these outfits.

Here are the 5 outfits I put together with pieces under $40. I have listed similar accessories for the ones more than $40

1. Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Flannel shirts are an easy and casual way to add color to your outfit. Wear them buttoned/unbuttoned with skinny or boyfriend jeans. They go well with utility and jogger pants too


Wearing:   Peplum Top ( similar color tee) | Flannel (last seen here and here| Jeans ($15; also love this) | Boots (low heel version here) | Madewell Tote (similar 1,2,3) | Reading Glasses



2. Pleated Skirt With a Logo tee

Pleated skirts are a staple in every chic girl’s wardrobe. They are super versatile and can be worn all throughout the year. Wear them with denim jacket, long cardigan with boots for Fall,  and stockings, boots, and coat for Winter


Wearing: Gap Pleated Skirt (also comes in black and green; also love this $32 one) | Tee c/o ClotheOhio | Madewell Jacket (also have this under $40 one) | Tote | Embroidery Sneakers (under $27 here and here) 



3. T-shirt Dress with Cardigan


Wearing: Target Dress (in black & white) | Cardigan | Wanted Oxfords (last seen here and here) | Tote | Reading Glasses



4.  Cotton Jumpsuit

A cotton/linen jumpsuit is comfortable and casual. Wear a t-shirt or a lacy top underneath if it’s sleeveless or you can wear it with denim jacket or long cardigan


Wearing: Old Navy Jumpsuit (last seen here) | similar Lace Top (also love this) | Yellow Wedges (under $40 here



5.  Dress and Denim Jacket

Old-Navy-Printed-Henley- Swing-Dress-1
Old-Navy-Printed-Henley- Swing-Dress-1

Wearing: Old Navy Dress | Denim Jacket | Converse with lace (Without lace) | Hat | similar Bag


Shop The Post

Outfit#1: Peplum Top (similar color tee) | Flannel (last seen here and here| Jeans ($15; also love this) | Boots (low heel version here) | Madewell Tote (similar 1,2,3) | Reading Glasses
Outfit#2: Gap Pleated Skirt (also comes in black and green; love this $32 one) | Tee c/o ClotheOhio | Madewell Jacket (also have this under $40 one) | Tote | Embroidery Sneakers (under $27 here and here) 
Outfit#3: Target Dress (in black & white) | Cardigan | Wanted Oxfords (last seen here and here) | Tote | Reading Glasses
Outfit#4: Old Navy Jumpsuit (last seen here) | similar Lace Top (also love this) | Yellow Wedges (under $40 here)
Outfit#5:  Old Navy Dress | Denim Jacket | Converse with lace (Without lace) | Hat | similar Bag

Back to School Favorites Under $40

  • tara pittman

    Lots of items from when I was a teen are coming back. The flannel shirts were a hit then.

  • Olivia Stacey

    These are all such stylish outfits AND have an affordable price tag. I think my favorite is the flannel shirt and jeans. Thanks for sharing your finds and fashion tips!

  • Cassie Liz

    Love these outfit ideas for college students! And the fact that they are affordable is even better!

  • Jessica Hughes

    I really love the dress paired with a denim jacket. That has always been a favorite look for me and I think it is always a great look for college.

  • Ashley

    All of these looks are so cute!! I think the first one might be my favorite! Love the flannel and peplum combo!

  • These outfits are adorable. I may get that dress for my daughter.

  • The pleated skirt and logo tee is my absolute favorite! Blessings to a successful school year!

  • Nikki Arnold

    I love these outfits!! I really like white tennis shoes for back to school, I always had a pair growing up!

  • I was all about comfort in college. Jeans and comfy tops were my go to pieces.

  • Faiza Atif

    School age is all about going easy and comfortable with dressing. I liked your outfits but I think jeans with tops look more practical for everyday running around.

  • I like the 3. T-shirt Dress with Cardigan. It looks super comfortable and fashionable. The dress with denim jacket is really cute too.

  • Love the ideas and each of the outfits have something interesting, I am for sure going for comfort and style. Love the boots so cool and also the comfy t-shirt dress.

  • Ame Lie

    nice outfit! even if we’re not in college we can still wear this clothes, simple and comfortable. I like it! 🙂

  • I love the footwear. The brown boots are my favorite. I love the way you’ve paired the shirt with your top.

  • Chiimmiii’s Happy World

    I like the 3. T-shirt Dress with Cardigan, all dresses looks super cool and comfy 🙂

  • Mayuri Saxena

    These are some awesome dresses…personally I would have picked a jumpsuit or a t-shirt dress with a cardigan. Enjoyed the post!

  • amisha amin

    Nice collection of outfits, shoes & bags. They look so classy and comfortable. Perfect for college girls. Love them all

  • Like the black jumpsuit which looks very comfy & you can relax wearing it. Other outfits nice although I can’t imagine wearing skirts ever again.

  • sara

    You have some great back to school ideas here! I love the jeans and the flannel shirt.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    So many cute outfits for my girl to start college with! I love the pleated skirt and sneakers together.

  • Robin Rue

    Those are all great looks. They are perfect for back to school!!

  • Oh my gosh, I love almost all of these! These would be great for travel, too, especially since they mostly have super comfy shoes 🙂

    – Meagan

  • Alicia Taylor

    I love the first one, but I’m a sucker for flannel. The jumpsuit is awesome, too.

  • jillconyers

    Cute ideas. My daughter moved into her dorm today. Lots of jeans and yoga pants with cute tops and t-shirts were packed.

  • Stephanie Pass

    My daughter is in her freshmen year of college. I can’t wait to share these with her.

  • These were awesome- perfect and realistic for school! 1 and 3 were my fav!

  • Athena Nagel

    These outfits are so cute and look so comfortable. Personally I love flannel – if I could wear it all day, every day I would be a very happy person. For now I just wear it to the barn.

  • OlderMommyStill

    Love these outfits, they are all really cute. My favourite is the dress and denim jacket, a combination that always looks great!

  • I love the jean jacket and the oxfords. Oxfords are just so classy, I love the crap out of them. One of my favorite places to get cute and classy stuff is http://polkadottedallthethings.com – they literally mean all the polka dots! It’s great.

  • These are some great picks! My favorite has to be the flannel and jeans. The colors of the outfit screams fall to me.

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    I love pleated skirts and sneakers you really knocked these outfits out the park they look great on you

  • These are great! I love the pleated skirt and that jumper!

  • Helene

    I guess flannel shirts are back in vogue? I wore flannel shirts and jeans all through college in the old days!

  • I really like all the looks. The first one and second one are my favorites.

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    Love all the outfits. Everything looks so nice. These are great for back to school.

  • Ang

    So many great outfits!!!!!!!!! I love that black jumper. Great for the college rockstar.

  • Ruth I.

    Your rock on those outfits! All suggestion are stylish and looks comfortable.

  • Surprised to see women still wearing dresses. Guess once I switched to pants (weren’t allowed when I went to school) there was no going back. So of course the black jumper is my favorite.

  • Pam Dollesin

    You look stunning! Love all the stylish outfits and they look comfortable!

  • georgiawalsh

    My husband works on a college campus. He keeps me up to date of what’s popular style wise. But seeing your outfits helps me to see what is cool right now.

  • Madelainxos

    These looks are perfect! I love the jean jacket, such a great piece for outfits 🙂

    Madelain | http://www.wheremyheartwanders.com

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great looks for any woman going to college. I love the causal look which is most comfortable in my opinion. The jean jacket with the striped dress and tennis shoes is a great look. Thanks for sharing these awesome back to school looks..

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