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Be Your Own Valentine | Celebrate The Wonderful YOU



Ever since I was little, I never believed in the concept of celebrating Valentines day ONLY with the significant other. Valentines day is the celebration of love, the love that you share with your parents, friends, lover/partner, above all with YOURSELF.

As an Indian, having brought up amid traditional and cultural frame, I knew nothing about the peer pressure of having a boyfriend because we were never judged for not dating but I know firsthand on what it’s like to be looked down upon for being unmarried when all your peers are married and planning their first/second kid.

Your relationship status becomes everyone’s business. You are bombarded with allegedly well-meaning concerns on how lacking your life without the significant other, some advice you to lower your expectations, while some accuse you for being too picky and some even doubt your sanity.

Why is a women who decides to stay single by choice or who desires a certain kind of life partner for herself and chooses to stay single till she finds one or who doesn’t want to get into the marriage because of peer pressure is always pestured to follow the social norms and judged for not being NORMAL!

What should not be normal is pushing yourself into a relationship/marriage just for the sake of it

What should not be normal is loosing your identity to be with the significant other

What should not be normal is not loving yourself!



Outfit Details:  Pink Lace dress c/o Sammy dress (under $30; wearing medium, size up; also comes in red, white and black) Madewell Denim Jacket (also like this) | Rebecca Minkoff love bag (on sale) | Converse white kicks | Pearl Studs | “She believed she could do it” cuff | Pink sunglasses

This Valentines day whether you are alone or in a relationship, celebrate your wonderful self first by being your own Valentine! 

Buy a gift for yourself. Spend time doing things you love the most- like cooking, shopping, spending time with your friends/partner, watching a good movie or going places that you always wanted to go. Focus on appreciating yourself for what you are rather worrying about what you are not. Celebrate the wonderful YOU!











[Also check my post on Vday Outfit Ideas]

I chose to keep my outfit casual yet fun because this post is all about celebrating your wonderful self. I am celebrating my being myself, by being the chic

– who loves her denim jacket more than anything, (I swear I would wear it on a sari too)

– who dreams of high street fashion but can never give up her comfort

– who never goes out without wearing earrings (the Indian in me just can’t accept that, accessorize first lady!)

– who says “pink is not my color” and ends up buying more pink

– who loves twirling in a high ponytail (that would be my emoji)

This dress fits right in all my favorite spots. I enjoy pieces that have cute and feminine details and this dress is full of it. The sheer lace detail is beautiful, I like the neckline detail the most. The dress fits snug so definitely size up (I’m wearing a medium for reference). The zipper is the most annoying part, it’s not really smooth like you get in expensive dresses but it’s decently strong. I was very rough (real rough) pulling it but it didn’t break or showed any signs of it.



she believed she could, so she did it





Other favorite midi dresses



Pink Lace dress ($28) | Black lace dress ($22) | Red dress ($14) | Floral dress ($20) | Blue floral dress ($13)





What are your plans for the Valentines day?

Shop The Look

Pink Lace dress c/o Sammy dress (under $30; wearing medium, size up; also comes in red, white and black) Madewell Denim Jacket (also like this) | Rebecca Minkoff love bag (on sale)Converse white kicks | Pearl Studs | “She believed she could do it” cuff | Pink sunglasses


*This post is done in collaboration with Sammy dress. All selections, styling and opinions are unbiased and my very own!
“Show the love you expect from other to yourself”
Thank you for stopping by!

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  • Ivette Lopez

    I love that playful lacy dress, its so pretty and pairs well with the jean jacket and the sneakers. The pink is just perfect I normally love black and red colors but I think in this style I would definitely be checking out the pink.

  • tara pittman

    I love your approach to celebrating Valentines day. That dress is so cute and needs to be in my closet.

  • Same as me, Valentines day is only as important as you make it out to be. For me I used to care but now it is just another day. Love the dress xx

  • First of all I love your look from head to toe! I have had those converse tennis shoes on my Wish List for ages! Most importantly I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog post! SO empowering! I can imagine the pressure many women feel in every culture (some more than others) to marry, and have kids. I love your view on this and the good strong advice you give in this article. You ROCK!

  • I love this! And I love your look. You look gorgeous. Our Valentine’s Day will be low key. I’m married, but we aren’t fancy folk.

  • I love your overall outfit. We seem to have the same taste. lol Don’t mind what others will say or think of you. If you are genuinely happy with your status, then be it. Enjoy loving and treating yourself this Valentine, it is for everyone not only for lovers.

  • I like this look! It’s classy but very casual as well. I don’t believe in spending Valentine’s day celebrating with your SO either. It’s a great day to celebrate love in general, even love for yourself.

  • Miriam Goh

    Love your outfit. So sweet and simple! Yes being our own Valentine is the best

  • Annette Yedlin

    I love this! Treating yourself is so important and why not celebrate for Valentine’s! I really love the pink dress…so simple and it looks amazing on you!

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I totally love your dress! So pink and girly. I love that you paired it with a denim jacket and white sneakers, even your purse matched the entire outfit. Great picks!

  • Our Family World

    I love the title! Celebrate the wonderful you. No need to be sad if you don’t have someone. Just be happy and celebrate.

  • Karlyn Cruz

    Your happiness should not depend on your relationship status. Yes, celebrate YOU.

  • mail4rosey

    Such a cute look for the holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  • I absolutely love this post and everything about you! You are so adorable and that dress is so cute! Happy Valentine’s to you!

  • Vishal Vashisht

    Not a bad idea to do. Sometimes it is to enjoy the fun inside you that looking for fun outside in others. Enjoy

  • Couldn’t agree more! I feel like there’s so much pressure and even censure on people who choose to be single, especially during Valentine’s Day. But we just got to do us.

  • What a fun title for a post! It set the tone for what was to come. Love the dress .. it’s super cute. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Amy Jones

    Yes! I feel so strongly about this. Self love is probably the most important kind of love out there

  • foundfrolicking

    This is so cute! I love it from head to toe. I’m not even sure which is my favorite!

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