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Bell Sleeves and Mom Jeans | Top Spring Fashion Trends Of 2017



Happy Women’s day to all the wonderful women out there. It’s the day we celebrate womanhood, life and love. I would like to thank all the women in my life- my mom, grand mom’s, sisters, friends, colleagues, and all my beautiful readers for being my strength and inspiring me to live better everyday.

You are strong,

You are beautiful,

You are powerful,

You are precious

The way YOU ARE

and I love you all! Apart from women’s day, I am also celebrating the day (birthday) by turning another year younger and wiser :). I am officially entering into late 20’s camp today (yay! and nah!).

Age is a funny thing,

the younger you are, the older you want to be and the older you are, the younger you wish to be!

but funnily I never wished to grow up when I was little, I wished time would freeze as I watch cartoons and dress my dolls!

which never happened and I learned to stop complaining!

I became a women, the women I can be proud of (definitely not when I’m in kitchen)

I’m little frightened to age but when your are still excited about life, age is just a number!

hoping I will feel the same every year on this day, lets get into today’s post on top 10 spring fashion trends.



Outfit Details: Bell Sleeve Blouse | Mom Jeans (also love this $19| Leather Jacket | Neck Scarf | Block Heels (in red| Lulu Guinness Bag (also like this 1,2,3) | Belt (also love this) | Sunglasses

Trends are fun way to experiment with your style but at the same time, they can be overwhelming too. You can end up buying everything your favorite fashionista suggests and struggling to fit them in your everyday outfit.

I highly suggest you analyse every trend and think on how you can add them into your everyday work, school or casual outfits. If you like change, then I suggest you pick at least one that is out of your style but within your limits (if you have any, ex- I don’t go deeper necks).

Spring Trends’17

1. All Things Green

Nothing makes me more happy than to see my favorite color as the Pantone color of the year. Yes,  I am talking about the most refreshing and invigorating color GREEN.  Green signifies nature and evokes the start of Spring. Add this beauty of nature to your wardrobe this season

2. Statement Sleeves

From Elegant bell sleeves to tie, ruffle and wrap sleeve, every sleeve detail is very much on trend right now. Make your outfit standout with some statement sleeves

3. Baby Bags

The Lilliputian bags that dare to be big enough to fit credit cards, keys and lipstick are on spot this season.

4. Mom Jeans

The high rise and relaxed slim fit jeans are the It jeans since the beginning of the year. Grab a pair as they are not going anywhere





5. White Shoes

White shoes were all over NYFW this year. whether its white sneakers, loafers or boots, every style is trending right now!

6. Neck Scarf

My favorite trend right now that will leave you with retro 50’s charm!This tiny scarves are versatile, can used as bandana, neck scarf, bracelet, anklet, and to accessorize bags

7. Poplin

Lightweight cotton shirts and tunics are essentials as the weather gets warmer, thanks to trends, we can wear them with no second thoughts.





8. Hoodies

Logo sweatshirts and over sized hoodies are very much on trend right. Go here for some tips on how to style sweatshirts in chic ways.

9. Belted Looks

Whether it’s a Wrap belt dress or corset belt or a classic leather belt, cinched waist are highly trending right now.

10. Fishnet







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Bell Sleeve Blouse | Mom Jeans (also love this $19| Leather Jacket | Neck Scarf | Block Heels (in red| Lulu Guinness Bag (also like this 1,2,3) | Belt (also love this) | Sunglasses

Thank you for stopping by!

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  • Robin Rue

    I love bell sleeves. I am so glad this look is making a comeback.

  • Nellwyn

    I really need to get into the small handbag trend! I’m always carrying around way too much stuff. You look so lovely and stylish in your spring outfit!

  • Jennifer Parker-Gilbert

    Love the bell sleeve blouse and beautiful handbag! So true-the older I get, the more I wish I were young, lol!

  • Shirley Warren

    I like your style and i love bell sleeves. You are looking gorgeous.

  • Absolutely loving that green blouse! You look cute in mom jeans. I do think that they are cut a bit differently from the mom jeans of my day but that is a good thing! Don’t worry about your age, you are looking gorgeous!

  • Alison Rost

    Awww .. pretty you! You look adorable in mom jeans and your red shoes! Oh my .. they’re fabulous!

  • You look incredible. I love this outfit. I rarely bother with trends. I’m just in my jeans that are years old and my comfy t-shirts! I do like bell sleeves though. Maybe I’ll pick up one of those shirts.

  • I like casual outfit. I think these are perfect outfit that I should try. Thank you for your reviews, they looks so comfort too

  • Lisa Rios

    I love these outfits – especially the shade of green. It goes wonderfully with your stunning hair. Beautiful!

  • I love that the trends these days lean towards comfort with style instead of one or the other. I can’t believe mom jeans are back and well loved by the fashion industry!

  • Donna

    I love this look! Really like the mix of red and green too – how different! Looks great on you x

  • These are all fantastic trends! I love bell sleeves and over-sized hoodies!

  • erin fesperman

    Loving the green! So glad it’s coming into fashion, it’s such a gorgeous color! The mom jeans, on the other hand, I am WAY too short to wear them, makes me look uber frumpy.

  • Tara Holland

    Who would have thought mom jeans would ever be on the “most fashionable” list? I do love over-sized hoodies!

  • What a cute outfit on you. Those mom jeans are just too cute. I love the look of them, they really look comfy.

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    You look great. Love the outfit and the shoes. Mom jeans are back in full style they look great.

  • The bell sleeve blouse looks super cute! I love green and this color would be perfect for St Patrick’s Day. You look pretty with this combination outfit.

  • Salma Dinani

    Happy international women’s day to you too! Love the whole look on you!

  • Anamika Ojha

    Some great picks! I loved your mom jeans and you’ve styled it very nicely!

  • diana

    you have styled it in a beautiful way, bell sleeves blouse looks cute, i love this style of sleeves cheers and thanks for the post

  • Adriana

    I love your outfit! That top is beautiful and the sleeves are so fun. Loving all of those spring trends too!

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  • It’s interesting to read that green is coming back in trend. Your blouse is very pretty and I like how it suits you. I am not really a fan of the jeans though.

  • SUPER cute styling!! Loving the top the most and those shoes are gorgeous! I even like the MOM jeans!
    Love your style!

  • tara pittman

    What cute purses. Such fun fashion trends.

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    I love this look! It looks so incredibly cute on you! Love the scarf around the neck too!

  • Liz

    I love your fashion choices so much! I think you are rocking those Mom jeans for sure!

  • What a gorgeous outfit! Loving that top, especially – the sleeves look short enough not to get in the way of doing stuff, lol!

  • Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    se manifique views and vibes! i love your photo journal and descriptions. you’re slayin that look

  • Love that pop of red. The whole outfit goes wonderfully together and you look fab!