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Borrow, Buy and Sell Dresses with Borrowed By Design


Borrowed by Design is an online community for women to rent, sell and buy dresses. The company is founded by 2 good friends Jennifer and Kathryn. And best of all they support various female centered non-profit organizations by donating a portion of every dress they rent/sell.


Outfit Details: Maxi Dress c/o BorrowedByDesign (Wearing size M; slightly loose so recommend not to size up) | Lace- up Heels (also love this  and this under $40) | Round Woven bag | Earrings | Hat |  Sunglasses (Under $10)

woven-straw-Round-shoulder bag
woven-straw-Round-shoulder bag

The website has a wide range of dresses ranging from wedding, bridesmaid dresses to prom and ball gowns to casual everyday wear. I was delighted when they approached me to review their website and collection. I picked 2 dresses – the one I am wearing and this striped dress. Both are perfect for summer and available to buy. I especially love this boho dress. I’ve been looking to buy a hi low dress all Summer and couldn’t find anything I like. So, I was really excited to receive this dress. I am so happy that the dress exceeded my expectations in all ways.


Print-  very very beautiful and bright. Looks exactly like in the pictures.

Material- Polyester; feels soft on the skin.

Size- True to size so don’t size up. I sized up and bought a Medium considering it’s a China made dress, but it ended up being slightly loose. The tassel drawstring, however, gave a definition to the dress.

Neckline and Hem- The dress has a deep v neckline, with a thigh high split. The slit is not too high and for the neckline, I wore a black cami underneath.

Cost- On sale for $32.99 + you get 25% off if you use the coupon code DREAMINLOUD at the checkout.


How Borrowed By Design Work?

Dress Sellers

  1. Create an online profile.
  2. List all the dresses you want to sell or put it for borrow. Listing is free, but once the dress is rented out, Borrowed by Design takes 15% commission.
  3. Mention all the details about the dress- designer, purchase price and detailed size guide.

Dress Borrowers 

  1. Go to Borrowed by Design website and find the dress you want to borrow. You can search for dresses based on price, color, size, or brand.
  2. Use the included return label and ship the dress back to the owner within two weeks of receiving it. No need to clean it.
  3. If the dress does not fit, you have 24 hours to send it back to the owner for a full refund of the borrowed amount, minus the shipping costs.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Before making any purchase check below for the 25% off coupon code and a chance to win to $500!


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*Use code DREAMINLOUD for 25% off on your first purchase

*Enter Borrowed By Design $500 Giveaway HERE

Maxi Dress c/o BorrowedByDesign (Wearing size M; slightly loose so recommend not to size up) | Lace- up Heels (also love this  and this under $40) | Round Woven bag | Earrings | Hat |  Sunglasses (Under $10)


*This post is done in collaboration with Borrowed By Design. As always, all selections, styling, and opinions are my very own!
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  • Kim Gammage

    I love this concept! and I wonder if I can use the service in Dubai….will have to have a look into it. Seems like such an amazing idea.

  • Helene Bludman

    This is such a great idea. My daughter has used a similar service many times and swears by it.

  • Inbar Shahak

    such a cool idea, I love community shopping for fashion

  • tara pittman

    This would be great to use for a special event. I love the idea of borrowing.

  • What a great sounding company, I like the fact you can rent a dress when needed often end up buying something special for one occasion and never use it again, so renting would be the perfect idea instead.

  • Divyanka Krsna

    This is like the dream come true moment for the girls! We can have a new look every time we need to go to any occasion. Surely gonna try it.

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  • Claire Lee

    What a fun community! I need to buy more summer dresses and nice ones for work too. I never heard of this before, but would love to check it out!

  • I have always thought about using the website Rent the Runway before, but I just couldn’t get over the sizing. I don’t fit into one of the easy sizes and always have to try things on before I pay for buying or renting.

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  • Jen At Dapperhouse

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  • Heather Whoneedsacape

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    This dress looks incredible! I love the pattern!

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    It does sound awesome! I’ve never tried a service like this before but I think it’s a great way to help you figure out what your personal style is without having to spend so much.

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    I’ve never heard of this online store before. If their dresses are anything like what you’re wearing, I’m interested. Gonna go check them out. But moreso, I am LOVING those booties!!!!

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    What a great idea fora business and what a gorgeous dress. I think it’s great they are also supporting female centred non-profit organisations by donating a portion of their takings.

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  • Anosa Malanga VA

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