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The Classic Leather Jacket Look for Early Winter



As trends tend to change or rotate by each passing year, few things remain constant or gets better with time. One of such iconic piece is a leather jacket. The history of leather jacket goes back to early 1900’s during the First World War when German soldiers wore the bomber version (called as aviator jacket) as an outwear layer of their military uniform. Slowly it rose its popularity to street style when Harley Davidson showcased their first leather jacket which was a shortened version of the aviator jacket. Soon many legends like Steve MCQueen, The Beatless, The Ramons, Tom Cruise (in Top Gun) made it popular and timeless.

Though it started as a Men’s biker jacket, thanks to rock and roll, women began to wear them on a wide scale. Ever since this all-weather jacket had no looking back. It became a versatile closet staple that can be easily dressed up or down.



Outfit Details: Leather Jacket (also like this, this and this| White Shirt | Ag Jeans (my all time fav jeans, under $40 here and here) | Red Pumps (exact low heel under $50 here) | Topshop Camel Scarf | Celine Edge bag (love this and this) | Earrings c/o Carolee | Sunglasses



Today’s outfit is a classic combination of wearing a leather jacket with skinny jeans. To be honest its one of those borrowed from boys looks with white shirt and blue denim. I added (off course!) added a feminine vibe to it with red heels and crystal drops. This scarf from Topshop is absolutely gorgeous, its super soft and has a cashmere feel to it. The best part is it doesn’t shed and spoil your outfit with lint. I always look for such scarves as I own a lot of wool coats.


There are many ways you can wear the same look by switching the accessories. Here are few

  • For a complete tomboyish look, wear the same outfit either with slip on’s or sneakers and switch the earrings with studs or wear nothing. check similar look here.
  • For a warmer look, layer a grey sweater over the shirt and replace heels with black boots. Keep rest of the outfit same.
  • Another chic way to wear it is to layer the leather jacket with a poncho instead of a tassel scarf and finish the look with riding boots.
















Shop The Look

 Leather Jacket (also like this, this and this) | White ShirtAg Jeans (my all time fav jeans, under $40 here and here) | Red Pumps (exact low heel under $50 here) | Topshop Camel Scarf | Celine Edge bag (love this and this) | Earrings c/o Carolee | Sunglasses

Other variations and similar options

“Trends are fancy but classics are evergreen”
Thank you for stopping by!

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  • bc21578

    Surehka, I love how you pointed out The Ramones. When I think of black leather jackets, I think of them and Layne Staley from Dirt-era Alice in Chains. His Jim Morrison phase?

  • Nothing like a great black leather jacket! Great look.

  • I love your leather jacket it is gorgeous. It is the perfect look during autumn and winter.

  • Nothing beats a good leather jacket! It’s a classic nad should be found in everyone’s wardrobe 🙂 I love that big scarf too!

  • I love my leather jacket although its too cold for me to wear at the moment as rather thin this one looks ideal

  • I love leather jackets! If only I have the chance to wear them here in the Philippines! I like how you styled the whole outfit!

  • So that’s why it’s called a Bomber jacket. So interesting! I have thought about getting one myself.

  • Lily Travella

    This is like a summer/spring outfit in UK. Way too cold in winter! But I love this either way, can’t wait to wear this sort of thing again.

  • Super cool everyday outfit 🙂 Big scarf is always well needed in winter and autumn, looks great on you.

  • lexhan

    Lovely jacket, you have this style sense that radiates beauty in all about you.

  • Ana Ojha

    Leather jackets always look fab in winters! They are not only comfy but creates a signature style.Love your Red Pumps and it highlights your entire outfit!

  • TheLocdBella

    I am loving the outfit! I still haven’t found the perfect black leather jacket yet.

  • That is such a cute jacket on you. I love the outfit from head to toe. I really need a new scarf.

  • tara pittman

    I love the look of that scarf. I really need to start wearing scarves.

  • I love the jacket and scarf. Leather jacket is my all time favorite. Great look.

  • Annette Yedlin

    I love this look! The jeans with a scarf is always a great look.

  • This is a fantastic look! I really like how your shoes just pop.

  • That ripped jean looks quite good in your leather jacket. I really like your style.

  • Marcie W.

    It has been a long time since my leather jacket wearing days, but I love the look you put together! It really brings a level of maturity and style to something I have always associated with the punk rock scene.

  • karlyn cruz

    i was looking for this type of leather jacket online but i cant find a great one! this is pretty perfect! i want one that looks like this!

  • Wendy Lee

    I love the leather jacket look. Stylish for sure! And the great thing about leather jackets, they can go with almost anything!

  • Emma Oxley

    I love how chic you made the jacket look – and it really works with the sunglasses and the pop of colour from the shoes! Great outfit!

  • I love my leather jackets and their perfect for spring and autumn! I adore the look you’ve got going here, the shoes sure complete the ensemble!

  • bstoutsweeps

    That jacket is killer. I need that in my closet! You look great in it.

  • Miranda

    I love a good leather jacket and the one you’ve got on is amazing!! Do you have any tips of finding the perfect leather jacket?

  • Frosted Events

    What an awesome looks! I really love the scarf and the jeans, It looks perfect on you.

  • Angela Milnes

    You really looks fabulous on that outfit! I really love the jacket and the scarf so beautiful on you

  • I used to wear leather jackets all of the time…and no other type of jacket. Nowadays, I’m a pea coat kind of gal. I’m missing my leather jackets now.

  • Laura

    I absolutely LOVE your style! You look great in this casual look. I like wearing big scarves like that too! xxx

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