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DIY All Natural Body Wash For Summer


Body wash is the only skin care product I change in my routine frequently. I like to try new scents and combinations whenever I am in a mood for a change or when I run out of my current bottle. With the amount of money I’ve spent on body washes/soaps, I might have bought every single brand and scent that Whole Foods sells in search of the best body wash I never found until now.

All this hit and trails have definitely helped me to study ingredients that will leave your skin softer, tighter, and acne free. I mixed and matched several combinations to get the scent and effect of a store bought product, this recipe is one of my favorite that is slowly replacing my age old body cleanser I’ve used all my life.

I also wanted to share this wonderful news with you all. has nominated as one of the top 100 healthy lifestyle blogs. I am ranked 48 in the list. I feel honored and wonderful that people are making conscious efforts on opting for a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to all you gorgeous people for reading and sharing my content. As I mentioned in my first 2017 post that I am switching to a plastic free lifestyle this year. I have been working on that and will have my first post documenting my journey soon 🙂

Ingredients Used in the Body Wash


Liquid Castile Soap- Pure castile soap is free from synthetic preservatives, detergent or foaming agents. Dr. Bonner’s castile soap is a universal cleanser which can be used to clean face, body, hair, food, dishes, laundry, mopping, etc.

Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera possess antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which make it suitable for problem and acne prone skin. It helps the skin heal from sunburns, cuts, and wounds quickly.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a wonderful antioxidant that blocks free radicals from the skin, that play a major part in the aging process. It also protects skin from cell mutation in sun and pollution. The anti-inflammatory property makes it soothing and appropriate for sensitive and problem skin. Vitamin E oil can be very thick in consistency hence used in low quantity or usually combined with carrier oils.

Raw Honey- Honey is an excellent skin cleanser. It clarifies skin and keeps pores clean. Plus, the anti-bacterial prevents bacteria from causing breakouts. Honey is also said to lighten skin thus used to lighten the appearance of age spots and scars.

Glycerin– Glycerin is an excellent humectant just like honey, meaning it attracts waters and maintains the water level in the intercellular level- in short seals in the moisture that might otherwise escape. Apart from being highly moisturizing, it also helps in improving the appearance of skin as it avoids skin looking dry and scaly.

DIY All Natural Body Wash With Shea Butter and Aloe Vera

DIY All Natural Body Wash With Shea Butter and Aloe Vera


  • 1 cup Pure castile soap
  • ½ cup Shea Butter
  • 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon Glycerin (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon Honey
  • 1 Capsule / 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E
  • 25 drops of your favorite essential oil or combination- I used 14 drops of Lemon + 6 drops of Lavender + 4 drops Sweet Orange


  1. Melt ½ cup of shea butter in a double boiler
  2. Then add ½ tablespoon of aloe Vera, glycerin and honey each to the mixture with 1 capsule of Vitamin E
  3. Stir well and slowly add while ½ castile soap by stirring.
  4. Transfer the mixture to the a glass bottle/ Mason jar
  5. Shake well before each use and follow with the shea butter moisturizer for a soft and glowing skin

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  • Sarah Kuziomko

    I make my own face wash which looks similar to this one but i didn’t think to add shea butter to make a body wash!

  • Robin Rue

    I want to try this so bad. My skin is so dry, especially in the winter time.

  • Ohh this sounds perfect for my skin as it does like all things natural and DIYing it means I know exactly what is going in!

  • I love making my own shampoos and soaps and I don’t have one for the shower yet, so this is great and sounds like a wonderful recipe – I just need to get some aloe vera! Congrats on Feedspot nomination, your dedication is paying off!

  • I keep trying to get motivated to start making my own cleaning and self care products. At least I bought some handmade natural soaps at local vendor events. I’m keeping this recipe for the future though.

  • Vanessa Palma (SmartShopper)

    I make several of my own cleaning products. I’ll have to try this out though. It looks pretty easy to make.

  • tara pittman

    This soap sounds wonderful. I love that you can use different scents.

  • Sheerin Siddique

    I have never made my own body wash, but it looks like cool to make. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’ll try it over the summer.

  • Devina Vadera

    Great post! Can’t wait to give this shot! Looks really easy to make!

  • this sounds fantastic, i love DIY projects and can’t wait to try it!

  • Ohbeehave

    This is awesome. I have sensitive skin too, and it is rare that I find a soap that doesn’t leave my sky dry or itchy. I am keen to give this one a go and have pinned for later. Congrats on making the top 100 too!

  • DIYing the products that you use seem to be the best way to achieve the effects that you want. This DIY body wash is filled with healthy ingredients which seem good even for sensitive skin.

  • Laura Dove

    Oh this sounds great! I’ve never made my own skin products although I have friends who make all of their own! I’d love to give this a try!

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    This sounds good. I would love to try and make my own products. Thanks for the recipe, I will give it a try.

  • Aloe vera is so good for you and while I have never tried making my own products I love the idea of making my own. It seems more exciting! x

  • Chen Wang

    Aww, thanks so much for sharing this. I always wanted to make my own body wash 🙂

  • Teacaketravels

    Wow, we should really thank you for this share.
    These ingredients are really good for the skin like the Vit E. Thanks for the help.

  • Doran

    What a cool DIY project! I cant wait to try it out! Maybe add a little lavender too 😉 Xx- Doran @HauteBeautyGuide

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    I haven’t tried making my own soap or body wash. The procedure looks easy enough to follow though. I’m going to try to make some this weekend.

  • Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I haven’t tried making my own body wash. This looks like an interesting craft I can make myself. Let me see if I can get all the ingredients together and if I do, you can be sure I will be mixing away!

  • Marceline Dementori

    Cool! I’ve never tried making my own body wash before. I think it’s awesome and it’s definitely so much better because it doesn’t contain chemicals.

  • yvonnembertoldo .

    I love experiments and this seems like a great experiment to create my own body wash. Although i’m not familiar with some of the ingredients.

  • This looks like a fantastic DIY! I am always looking for more holistic products. I will definitely give this one a go this weekend! XO

    Anna ||

  • Made Adayasa

    That’s look great product , thank you for sharing . Using things away from chemical will save our life and environment

  • Coralie

    Oh I would love to try and make this. It sounds so refreshing and nice. I need to get a few of the ingredients first. Thanks for the recipe.

  • amer

    this is excellent. This would help me save a little bit of money. if I put in a nice container, it will be a nice giveaway.

  • Wendy Lee

    I love how you share the recipe on how to make it yourself! I am going to have to try it out for myself! thank you!

  • Salma Dinani

    I’m definitely pinning this to try!

  • Gemma| My Dailies

    I’ve never DIY anything related to body wash, shampoo, etc! But I think I’d try this one!

  • I always love DIY beauty products. Where can I get white castile soap?

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