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The Easy Crown Braid Tutorial


The most complex looking braids are also the easiest- once you figure out the braiding tricks (cheats). The crown braid is one such style that looks complicated but can be achieved with minimal effort. This is my new favorite way to wear my hair. I am totally obsessed with its crown look. The original (or most popular) crown braid is done by french braiding around the crown of the head. Not everyone is a pro in braiding (at least I am not). So, here is my cheat sheet to achieve the most Insta savvy braided crown without having to do any actual french braiding.

I like to do this hairstyle on a 3rd /4th day after a wash as it my gives my hair a bit more grip and the braid stays put without falling apart easily.


Step 1: Part your hair into 2 sections.

Step 2: Normal braid both the sections of the hair (pigtail) to the end and secure them with a rubber band.

Step 3: Pancake your braids to make them look fuller and wide. By pulling more, you can achieve a more messy braid look.

Pancaking is the process of gently pulling each section of the braid with your thumb and pointed finger to create a voluminous look instantly. 


Step 4:  Follow along the crown of your head and lay the braid tails to the other side of the head by crisscrossing them. Secure the ends tightly with bobby pins.


  1. If you have really short hair and the braids doesn’t go all the way to the other side, then use a cute hair clip or hair accessory to hide the loose ends.
  2. You can do a fish braid instead of regular braid if you are looking for more dressy or stand out look.
  3. You can bring one braid tail from the back and other one from the front forming a circle for dutch braid look.
human braiding hair
human braiding hair

Blouse | Legging | Embroidery bag c/o Tribe Azure (last seen here) | Shoes | Sunglasses

Voila! it’s one of the easiest braids to try.  The only trick is to put the better looking braid on the front. Crown braids makes any outfit pull together. I wore it with my yoga wear and loved how it dressed up my entire outfit yet still gave the laid back feel.

Which hairstyle you would like to see next?

  • Oh how I would love to do this tutorial!! You look beautiful!! Xx Susanne –

  • sharon wu

    OMG your hair is so pretty! I wish I knew how to braid as nicely as you! Great job hun xx, sharon

  • Violette

    I want the same braid as yours! Unfortunately my hair is not long enough but as soon as they grow longer I definitely try! Thanks for sharing!

  • Iva Trogrlic

    Beautiful hair!
    Braid is soo nice. ♥

  • Great HAIRDO dear. I so miss getting this done as I have short hair. Looking pretty…:)

  • Veena Gowda

    Love this hair do. I wish I was this good in hair styles 🙂


    • I am not either but this is pretty simple. Give it a try!

  • Siffat Haider

    I wish I had long hair so I could do this too!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Simply stunning! Love this look! Happy Wednesday!
    much love, Len

  • Tiffani Denham

    You are just too cute! Thanks for the tutorial, it looks super easy!

  • Cheeky Damsel

    Thank you for creating this tutorial. I can definitely appreciate braided hairstyles. When I was in cosmetology school my last 60 style credits were all french braids 😛 I love the simplicity of wearing my hair in a braid. Its polished looking and still girly enough to be cute.

  • Erica Wszolek

    I love how chic and easy this braid looks, its Perfect for summer!

  • linda spiker

    Haha! If only I had hair that thick! My braids would be like a half inch wide. But yours look stunning!

  • I absolutely love your crown braid, I am going to have to try and give it a whirl and see if my hair work for such a lovely style.

  • Michelle Diamante

    That’s so pretty! I bet that hairstyle would go with any outfit or occasion.

  • Kate

    This is so pretty! I wish I had some extra time to do my hair during the week because I’d totally try this!

  • Amanda Cummings

    This is stunning! I with my hair was long enough to do this but my frizzy curls probably wouldn’t suit this hairstyle. It looks beautiful on you, though! Maybe I’ll try it when I next straighten my hair. x

    Amanda |

  • Alayna

    I always think my hair is long enough to do things like this but then when I try I fail miserably lol. Yours looks awesome though!

  • Jeanette

    Well don’t you look adorable! I have never attempted to make one of these kinds of braids wasn’t because I didn’t know how. I have long enough hair so I may just try it.

  • Sonyo Estavillo

    I really like the crown braid look and will have to try it out. I have really long hair and just stick it in a pony tail. I rarely do anything with it, but should.

  • bee15

    I love this look, plus didn’t realize how simple it actually is! Now that I know I definitely want to try it out- It’s a perfect look for summer when it’s so super hot and humid in NYC – off the face but still so stylish! xx Bee

  • Cassie Liz

    I’ve never done a crown braid before but I’m really keen to try now! Great tutorial and make’s me feel like I can pull it off!!

  • What a gorgeous hair style! That braid is kind of making me want to grow my hair back out long!

  • What a cute look! I really love the way it turned out, and so simple!

  • Melanie Walsh

    My daughter has the longest & thickest hair. With summer heat, I try to keep it up a lot. Need to try this on her.

  • OurMiniFamily

    What a beautiful hairstyle! So perfect for summer, too! It will get my hair out of my face and off of my neck–perfect for those hot and humid days when I still want my hair to look cute!

  • Lynzy

    This is such a gorgeous style on you. I have been looking for a easy braid tutorial and I am totally going to try this now.

  • Rachel Mouton

    Oh my goodness! This is such an adorable braid and it looks so easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love braided crowns, so perfect for summer. and great for bad hair days!

  • This is really beautiful! It makes me miss my long hair! I do, however, love my hair now!

  • Alicia Taylor

    I have very long hair and will try this. In fact, this weekend, we are having a Game of Thrones Premier viewing at our house – and this hairstyle will be perfect.

  • Crown braids are so cute! And they’re perfect for summer!

  • lena

    This is a fantastic hairstyle. I can’t wait to try it!

  • This is so nice. Love the looks of it. So beautifully done!

  • Homemade for Elle

    I love your long hair! It makes me want to keep growing mine out 🙂 Thanks for this tutorial — I may try it on my daughter in the morning 🙂

  • Ave T

    I wish I had longer heair so I could try different updos. Have to try this one on my daughter, though.

  • Nicole Caudle

    My daughter keeps asking for this hairstyle. I’m going to attempt it and see what happens. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Love how you styled your french braids. I might try doing braided crowns since it looks easy to do. Thanks.

  • KleyrrFieonah Santiago

    I love braids, it’s a very artistic way of doing the hair. It adds beauty to someone’s personality. I really envy those people who can braid with complicated styles. (Majoy Eticabla)

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