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Fall Smart Layering Tips



Layering is a creative way to add warmth to any Fall or Winter outfit. With right layers, you can either dress up or down any outfit. I love layering for the fact that you can pull away attention from your problem areas and look effortlessly stylish.

Few tips to smart layering

  • For a structured and fitted layered look, either choose a fitted under layer (tee or tank) or a structured outer layer  like a blazer or structured coat.
  • Play with textures and colors- Layering is a fun way to play with textures and colors. If you are into colors, go for vibrant second layer like printed or colorful sweater or cardigan.
  • Vary the lengths of your layers- Avoid layers of the same height as it will make you look bulky. Choose a short layer over a long layer or vice versa like I did in this outfit by choosing sherpa vest (long layer) over a denim jacket (short layer).
  • Go beyond 2 layers- 3 or more layers has a more complete and fuller look compare to 2 layers.

Some 3 or more layer Ideas

  • Fitted Tee +  Flannel Shirt +  Fur or textured vest + scarf
  • Flare Dress +  Moto or suede jacket + Colorful tights  + Circle scarf
  • Fitted tank + Denim jacket + Long knit cardigan + Scarf
  • Knit Sweater + Blazer + Circle Scarf
  • Button down Shirt + Turtle neck sweater + Trench coat


Details: T-shirt dress (40 % off use code YAY) | Denim Jacket (Under $50) | Sherpa Vest (last seen here and here) | Suede booties (under $30) | SocksBag (last seen here) | Sunglasses











Details: T-shirt dress (40 % off use code YAY) | Denim Jacket (Under $50) | Sherpa Vest (last seen here and here) | Suede booties (under $30) | SocksBag (last seen here) | Sunglasses

Fall Layers Under $50

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  • Tania Potter

    Your boots are gorgeous and I love the layered look, but man, how big are those pumpkins!

  • Fatima Ali

    Layering is always the best option for me because I can easily take off or put on clothes if the need arises. Normally, I need to take the upper layers because I start feeling warm especially indoors.

  • I love your layers! It’s just starting to cool down here so it might be time to think about these things.

  • Alisha Taneja

    What a cute look! Love it 🙂



  • I love your autumn layers. I will be using your guidelines soon, when I’ll go to a conference by train and I’ll have to wear a dress, but the weather will be very cold. Layers would be best, as I can take them off as soon as I get to the location and still look elegant in my dress. 🙂

  • Love your layered looks and the boots are really great. Lovely outfit as per the coming season. The pictures are wonderful..:)


  • Layering is always a great idea! Your look is so cute ;-))) Great place for photo shooting!!!

  • Chrissie M

    Ive never been good at coordinating layers lol I tend to pile them on til I’m warm enough lol
    Love your outfit looks great

  • soniya

    You have co-ordnated everything so well .. it really suits you 🙂 Loved the purse !!

  • Kristen Carlson

    One thing I love about fall…the layering!! Such great tips you have and I love those boots!

  • I love layering my clothes! That’s why I also love this season. Thanks for the awesome tips on how to properly layer. I like that red dress you’re wearing and the boots too.

  • Anamika Ojha

    Some great tips shared! I stay in Florida and miss layering my outfit as we have scorching heat at the day time! I love your boots!

  • Autumn layering always makes me so excited – it’s a good way to keep warm and be oh so stylish 🙂

  • I absolutely love layering in the fall. I love how you paired your lovely dress with other layer jackets and that purse is too cute.

  • bc21578

    I like the color of the dress.

  • This is such a neat way to layer. I would have never thought of a vest over a jean jacket! You totally rock this look!


  • Salma Dinani

    Layering in the fall is the best, it keeps you warm and looking good. Thanks for the tips!

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