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Natural Oils with SPF: Do they provide UV protection? + 2 Best Mineral Suncreens



Last year, I did a post on Summer beauty essentials which typically sums up my favorite natural products for Summer. Not much have changed in my routine apart from finding better alternative natural oils and mineral sunscreens for the same. A lot of people use Coconut oil for sunscreens and It’s amazing how plants actually have SPF in them but the fact we need to understand is whether they actually provide UV protection?

Do Natural Oils with SPF provide UV protection?

I constantly try to make every single skin care product at home. Sometimes the natural oils by itself are enough to serve your purpose like Coconut Oil is just enough for moisturizing skin. When it comes to Sun protection, yes natural oils do provide UV Protection! but how much and how long you need protection is also important.

Natural Oils and their SPF Factor-
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil- 25-50 SPF

  • Carrot Seed Oil- 35-40 SPF

  • Zinc Oxide- 2-20 SPF (depending on the quantity you use)

  • Olive Oil- upto 7 SPF

  • Shea Butter- 4-6 SPF

  • Coconut Oil- 4-6 SPF

  • Almond Oil- upto 5 SPF

  • Peppermint Oil- upto 7 SPF

  • Macadamia Nut Oil-  upto 6 SPF

Coconut oil SPF range from 4-6, which is not enough to wear it by itself esp when you are exposed to Sun for more than 20 minutes. I have brown skin and I typically wear 25-30 SPF in Summer and 15 SPF or no SPF in Winter. I sometimes don’t bother to even wear a sunscreen because I typically stay indoors all day long working in an office or home. So, when I get out, I try to get adequate Vitamin D without burning myself.  So, natural oil sunscreen works great for me but It may or may not be a great alternative for everyone. However, I have some quick recipes for you below-

  • For Medium coverage–  you can typically use a combination of Shea butter, coconut oil and zinc oxide or raspberry seed oil.
  • For Full Coverage– you can combine Zinc oxide, carrot seed oil with Shea butter

Not into DIY ? no problem!

check out these 2 pre-made mineral sun screen products that are free from any harmful chemicals.

Mineral Sunscreen and its Benefits

Mineral sunscreens are made of either Zinc oxide or Titanium oxide or both

  • Mineral are great alternative for natural oils as they do penetrate into skin deep.
  • Acts as a mirror by reflecting UV radiations with Zinc/ Titanium oxide.
  • Effective immediately after application.
  • Zinc oxide protects from against UVA and UVB radiations without degrading when exposed to UV rays.

1.Badger Unscented Sunscreen SPF 25-

Badger makes mineral sunscreens with non nano zinc oxide – means this particles will not sink into your skin and enter your blood stream but rather they act as a physical barrier to the sun’s UV radiations. As a result, they leave a white residue on your skin which can be annoying esp if you have darker skin but by taking a little amount and rubbing it in for a while will solve the problem. I usually rub it with some coconut oil for easy application.



Badger also has comes with 35 SPF  sport (water-resistant), which is great, if you are getting in water. They also make some awesome lip protectors.



Where to Buy

2. Coola naturall Scented Mineral sunscreen With 30 SPF-

Last year, I mentioned Coola sunscreen spray which I still use for my body (easy in application and doesn’t leave any white residue). For face, I tend to alternate between Badger and Coola mineral sunscreen depending on the coverage I need. Coola mineral sunscreen is made from both non nano zinc and titanium oxide and is naturally scented with citrus. It is also water-resistant (80 minutes) and is 98% certified organic.



They also make awesome lip colors with SPF 30



Where to Buy

Coola Mineral Suncreen – Amazon // Durgstore // iHerb

Coola mineral Liplux in Nude beach- Amazon

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  • This is such useful information.

  • Tori Hamilton

    I love all the natural options you gave for sunscreen! Did not realize many natural oils can provide protection from the sun!

    • Yeah! It amazing how some oils we use everyday actually contain SPF, thought it might be for small amount.

  • Taylor Smith

    I love this. I just did a post on sunscreen as well!

  • I love the honesty in this post. I have seen so many others talk about natural options and just be unrealistic in what some of the oils do. Will be looking into a few of these sunscreens.

    • Thank you so much Iman. That really means a lot to me.I really appreciate you taking time and expressing your views. I hope you like those products.

  • Unaiza

    Thank you for the info 🙂 I totally love all natural products!

    • Thank you Unaiza. I am sucker for homemade and natural beauty products. I hope you find my posts useful! Thanks for stopping by.

      • Unaiza

        It was very useful <3

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