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My Impromptu Break From Social Media (+ Styling my favorite Bootcut Denim)



I took an Impromptus break from social media last week. It was partly because of my unceasing sense of overwhelming and partly to focus on my personal life. The entire month has been tiring for me since I moved back to Cleveland from Cincinnati, There were so much tension and stress all along. I reached the stage where I no longer wanted to get up from the bed, touch my phone, and respond to people.

Without realizing I went into my so-called “Zone out mode” by shutting myself from the rest of world. All I did was eat food, everything I was craving for, workout, watch all the shows I missed out and sleep. I tried not to think about my blog, my job, and my life in particular

I just went with the calling of my body and mind without resisting it.



Outfit Details: Utility Shirt (under $20)  | Boot Cut Jeans (wearing size 26) | Black Wrap Coat c/o | Lace up heels | Red hat | Pintrills | Sunglasses (under $25 here) | Fringe Bag (also love this)

Taking a break from the things you consider “Important” is not always the easiest thing since you have to constantly fight with the lingering sense of fear of missing out and being left behind. There is no point of taking a break when you keep thinking about the things you want to disconnect from. That’s when unplanned breaks work its magic for me because your body and mind in unison are willing to give up and calling for a Clean Break.

But is it healthy to push your mind to the extent to let go of all things in order to take a clean break?

Definitely not! but real life isn’t that perfect- It’s full of deadlines,  all- nighters if you wish to fulfill your dreams.

When your commitments and responsibilities become more important than yourself (your physical and mental health) you must STOP, you must take a break.

but the biggest question is not when to stop? or when to take a break? but how to stop?

I fail in this very question, my constant desire to improve, to seek results fast makes me run to the end of the line until I’m exhausted.

Putting your priorities in order, understanding your body needs, defining your success with a balanced lifestyle and by simply putting yourself above everything else will give you control on your actions and life.









Coming to the outfit, I had these bootcut jeans over a year now, I was too excited to buy it as it was my first and the only bootcut jeans in my wardrobe. But the excitement didn’t last long, soon the jeans were lost in my humongous wardrobe until recently when I found it while moving. I love the look of this jeans, it has a fit of skinny jeans with a slim boot at the bottom. I love how it makes my legs looks longer and thinner. This is great denim for anyone who is not into bootcut/flare jeans like me.

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Utility Shirt (under $20)  | Boot Cut Jeans (wearing size 26) | Black Wrap Coat c/o | Lace up heels | Red hat | Pintrills | Sunglasses (under $25 here) | Fringe Bag (also love this)

“There is a Virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest, use both and neglect neither” – Allen Cohen
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  • Robin Rue

    I love bootcut jeans. My favorite pair is a pair of bootcuts.

  • Sabrina Barbante

    bootcut is what in italy is called “pantaloni a sigaretta” and they are a stylish and casual ever green! I love them because I love the 90s when they were so much loved by anyone! you look great in the pictures!

  • We all need a break from social at times to rest a little. You look fab in the bootcut jeans and best of all they look super comfy as well x

  • I love this outfit. That hat is fabulous. Sometimes we do need a break from social media to keep us sane.

  • It’s nice to take a break from anything that has to do with the internet. I do it often and I also make sure that I put my phone and laptop down the moment I hit my bed. I really like this outfit of yours!

  • I agree with that “clean break”. I think we all need that for a while. You did well. Live a happy life.

  • Glad you were able to have a break. I find you just have to put it up there on your list of important things – I have come to understand just how important sleep is for me so I make sure I listen to when my body needs it instead of keep pushing myself too far. Outfit is great and I love my bootcut jeans – I am only 5ft 3 so making my legs look longer is great.

  • It’s good to take a break sometimes and I love how you styled these jeans

  • Moving can be so overwhelming! Taking a break from social media was likely just what you needed. I know sometimes when other things are going on in life, social media can add even more stress. Love the outfit too!

  • Belema Ronabere

    You’re definitely right about the effect of the jeans. I can see it. I have really long legs so I guess this would be counter productive.

  • Oh a social media break is not only good but is also necessary for our own sanity! It is always a good idea to take a break and come up all refreshed! Love that fringe bag.

    xx, Kusum |

  • mail4rosey

    I like the look of these bootcuts. They’re not too flare-y like some of them can be (I know ‘flare-y’ is not a real word, but you know what I mean). 🙂

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    I love your outfit and how you listed it all. The hat is the best.

  • I don’t know how people can pull of that half tucked in shirt. But girl, you did it! It looks great!

  • kathryn Maher

    I love this outfit and my favourite parts of it are the accessories. The red hat is to die for and has a real retro vibe to it.

  • Emma Oxley

    I get its completely – sometimes we need to switch off completely and focus on ourselves rather than the world around us. Great outfit by the way – love the hat!

  • Peng Desuyo

    Good for you! It’s really hard to break off from social media these days but when you have a job like me (SEO writer/blogger), then you really can’t afford to break off.

  • Claire Santiago

    I would also want to take a break from social media, it’s so toxic at times. By the way, the bootcut jeans reminded me of my good old college days. I actually have that style of jeans in my wardrobe until now.

  • Yesha

    Lovely look <3 I love every deets of this outfit 🙂 Wow! Good for you, I need a break from my business

  • Ana Ojha

    Unplugging yourself from the world is a great way to relax and spend quality time with yourself. I hope you’re fine now. Also, you look gorgeous in your outfit as usual!

  • lexhan

    you look fab in these outfits. nice to see ladies wear those trousers and them shirts and come out strong. this is a strong fashion statement. you rock/you slay.

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