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My New favorite Pass Time Gardening + Tips for First time plant shoppers


If you follow me on Instagram you already know I love plants and everything related to Nature. Ever since I switched to all natural 3 years back, I’ve been making conscious effort to live a green and sustainable lifestyle. I am far away from my goal, but every step I take makes it closer and closer each day.

2 weeks back I went on a plant spree when one of the nurseries near my house closed permanently (they weren’t out of business but shifted their occupation to landscaping instead). It was really sad to see a nursery close esp. the one I was excited about visiting often once I settled in Columbus. But on the bright side, they had the entire nursery on major sale for 75% off. It was like a black Friday in July for plant shoppers. I and my friends splurged like there’s no tomorrow.


We woke up early on a Saturday, the day Nursery was closing to beat the crowd and spent the entire morning browsing and shopping. It was seriously the best day of the year. I have been to many nurseries all over Cleveland for taking pictures. I had made a mental note on what plants to buy and which pots/baskets to get them once I move to Columbus and find a permanent place. So, it was a dream come true to find everything I wanted at a deal breaker price. Being said that, I also bought plants that I have no idea about but I just know they are the same as the other house pants I have.


We ended up getting nearly 15 plants and 10 pots, which was around 4-5 dolly loads and 2 car trips 🙂

Tips on Plant Shopping & gardening for first-time buyers

  1. Buy plants at your local Nursery as they have knowledgeable staff who can answer any gardening questions you have like what potting soil to use? how often to water? and suitable weather conditions, etc.
  2. Buy plants that are suitable for your weather conditions. If you live in colder areas, opt for more house plants as they don’t need sunlight and require very minimal maintenance.
  3. Never ever miss a sale at your local nursery. Plants and pots esp. the bigger ones are very expensive in general so bingeing on a sale is totally worth it.
  4. Always buy plants that come with instruction label showing the plant in bloom, how to grow information, weather conditions and expected size and spread. This will help in potting your plants.
  5. Do a quick check on the plant to see if it is healthy. Avoid plants with wilted leaves and stem. Turn over the pot and check if a mass of roots is growing through the drainage holes. If yes, it means the plant has been in its pot too long. Re pot such plants once you buy them.
  6. Get matching saucers for all the pots you are planning to put indoor so you don’t dirty your floor.
  7. I always re pot plants I buy to make sure they are growing in a healthy soil. I mix the potting mix I have with the soil the plant come with.
  8. It is advised to plant within a day or 2 of bringing you plants them home.

I wore a cotton black jumpsuit from Oldnavy with my favorite Soludos sandals to Nursery. It was seriously the comfiest outfit, very breathable and the fabric was very soft. The ruffle detailing is full on trend right now and so are straw bags. It was an easy, comfy and trendy outfit I could think of on a Saturday morning. The only problem I always have with Old navy fabric is they wrinkle really fast. You have to iron it every time you wear them, such a pain!.

I wore my Wood grain watch all day that day, it went pretty well with the entire outfit and scene. It’s amazing how you can never forget the first time you wore something. Whenever I look at the watch, it always reminds of the amazing day I had. It will forever be a relic of my first plant shopping splurge.


We spent the following Sunday evening potting all plants. It was so much fun with music and friends! I would love to relive that day again and again.


The next morning I woke up to this 🙂


My porch has become my favorite workplace now. I move my iMac over weekends to work on blog.

Lastly, I am super excited to finally add the Home category on my blog with this post. Stay tuned for more green home inspired posts. Also, let me know if you want me to write on anything particular in the comments below.

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Outfit #1: Old Navy Jumpsuit (30% off) | Sandals (last seen here) | Bag | Watch c/o Wood Grain Watches

Outfit #2: Sweatshirt c/o Lemotto | Boyfriend Jeans (similar under $40) | Bralette (also here)

  • Tasia Bruderer

    Thank you for the post! This will be so helpful next summer! ❤️


    I love gardening so much, love your tips. They are super helpful for anyone who is new to gardening. I like the little garden in your patio.

    • I learned all of them while going to nurseries often! I didn’t had any knowledge about gardening except that I have to water plants 😂

  • I usually love gardening but this year has been awful. My neck of the woods has not gotten any rain and I cannot afford to keep watering everything. Plus the horrible heat is simply killing most of my plants. Only my tomatoes are hanging in there.

    • Oh that’s bad! It’s been opposite for us! Raining very often even though I don’t mind watering them everyday!

  • tara pittman

    My 9 yr old son loves to garden. He grew a cabbage this year.

  • Lynn White

    How I wish I could garden. I have a black thumb!

  • Alicia Taylor

    You certainly looked stylish while you shopped. I love that outfit. I don’t think our local place would know how to act if I showed up looking that good. LOL

  • slynch223

    Great tips! We buy our stuff from our local nursery, but most of our stuff still can’t handle the Texas heat and we’ve lost a lot of our vegetable plants the last couple months.

  • Becca Talbot

    Great tips here! I think if you’ve got the space for a greenhouse then growing your own from seeds is always nicer, but when I had my flat I couldn’t grow much on the balcony as it didn’t get much light 🙁 x

  • Wow that’s such an amazing reduction, I love greenery but I am so bad at keeping things alive so I’d worry about having too many plants x

  • Claudia Krusch

    I love to garden. These blue pots are so pretty. I need to get a few new plants to put in my living room.

  • Oh I ,love plant shopping especially as it reminds me of my cultural heritage! I just read your post on natural skincare products by the way and I applaud you. I too try and use non toxic skincare but I also use products that do not test on animals and wear clothing that does not use animal skin too! I am also a vegetarian!

  • Ania Ewelina

    I always admired people that had a green thumb because I sure don’t. Have a great time with your new favorite past time, and you look great doing it too.

  • I’m going to use your tips when buying plants. I always end up with plants that die and it might be that they’re not favorable to my conditions either indoors or out. I’ll focus on reading what they require light wise and how much to water them. I tend to overwater.

  • I love plants and this can totally help me out soon. Great tips you got here!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I love gardening, but I just do not have a green thumb. Thanks for the great tips though!

  • Dunja

    Great tips! I want my future apartment to be filled with plants. Also, I really like your jumpsuit 🙂

  • Khushboo Motihar

    The plants look lovely and you look damn happy surrounded by them. Would love to have a green corner in my house, too 🙂

  • Wow! You hit a jackpot with that 75% off deal. Plants bring so much of positive energy into the house, and make it more like a home. All of these tips that you shared are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hannah Marie

    I always love to have my own garden but I still can’t figure how to start. Thank you for your helpful tips, I will surely wait for the sale!

  • Prateek Goel

    Gardening is too wonderful topic for me as well (garden enthusiast). Just a few months back I started taking interest in my garden but I was too confused about it. This post has made me to adjust myself well with the garden.
    Plants bring positivity in home..surely.

  • Olivia @ Olivia’s Cuisine

    Looks like a great haul! We picked up some lavender, rosemary and a strawberry plant at the beginning of the summer. I love how uplifting it all is!

  • Shopping for plants are fun! Your porch looks so dreamy and perfect – I really like all your plants selections. Great taste!

  • Elena Stevkovska

    This is my new hobby. I can proudly say that I have 3 pots with plants now!!

  • Mardene Carr

    That is something I want to get into very soon. That is the reason I miss Jamaica so much because here I live in an apartment.

  • Planting is very gratifying. I live your black jumpsuit.

  • Elizabeth O

    What a great tips for the new beginner in gardening. I really like the blue pots, so cool. I really like green corner in our house, It looks so refreshing.

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