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Top Winter Layering Essentials That Every Women Should Own



I don’t have to say how much I love cold weathers. Everything about it makes me happy (apart from driving, off course!), but layering is my favorite part. I enjoy mix and matching and wearing more clothes :), it just makes dressing up challenging and fun. I know not everyone loves Winter, but hey! don’t let the weather get you from dressing up and feeling great! Here are my top Winter essentials that will get your through a snow storm or a warm day in style.



Cardigan | Knit Sweater | Denim Jacket (also like this)

Colorful Scarf | Ankle Boots

Skinny Jeans (also this) | Puffer Jacket | Colorful Coat (seen here) | Fur Vest (love this)

Cross body / Tote | Hat (also this) | Colorful Tights  (also here) | Knit Tunic/ Dress


Cardigans are every office going girl’s bff (I know right!). They are the most effortless transitional piece. Wear it with a button shirt or a round neck sweater under a wool coat when the temperature drops.

Knit Sweater

By proper layering a knit sweater can take you from a chilly mornings to humid afternoons to breezy nights. A versatile piece that will go wonderful with literally everything from denim to dresses.

Denim Jacket

Though it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter, a denim jacket is an absolute must have closet staple. Wear it over a sweater for less chilly days and layer it with a puffer vest or jacket when it gets chilly.

Colorful Scarf

Scarf is a wonderful way to add color and warmth to your outfit. Weather its an infinity scarf, blanket or a solid fringe scarf, opt for bold colors and prints like yellow, neon green, violet and red plaid.

Ankle Boots

No matter what your Puffeis, ankle boots will meet your expectations in style, comfort and warmth. Go for neutral shades like taupe, black and beige/mushroom

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a staple for colder months as they go with all winter boots from ankle boots to snow shoes.  For extra warmth opt for corduroy skinny jeans.

Puffer Jacket

No matter how the trends evolve, a puffer jacket always tops in functionality and style. Choose a mid or full length puffer jacket if you live in colder areas and shorter version if you live in little warmer areas.

Colorful Coat

Choose a coat that will make any minimal outfit stand out. Coats in bold accents such as yellow, plaid, green coral, red, etc.

Fur Vest

If you think fur vest are not your cup of tea, then I would suggest to re-think. This snugly piece is not only comfy but is fashion forward piece that can instantly make you look stylish. A good quality fur vest leaves an elegant and feminine vibe.

Cross body bag

Cross body bags are the most hassle free bags in winter as you don’t have to hold them or worry about them slipping over jackets when worn cross body.


Whether protecting your noggin from cold or concealing a bad hair day, a hat is easily a year-long accessory.  Pom beanies are the cutest winter accessory that can instantly give you a youth look.

Colorful Tights

A cute summer dress can make it to your winter wardrobe with knit legging and cardigan. To keep the look fun, choose colorful tights in purple, green, or yellow.

Knit Tunic

Weather lounging near a fire-place or heading to work, a knit tunic or dress with tights or legging is a classic winter wear. Choose turtle neck tunics or dress for extra warmth.



Sweater (also like this) | Skirt (the best fitted skirt) | Denim Jacket (hands down the best!) | Puffer Vest (also like this) | c/o Hipstick Tights (the softest and super thick tights; comes with a lace top) | Boots (seen here and here)

“Winter is are the snowflakes”
Thank you for stopping by!

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  • Samantha

    First of all, your outfit is adorable (love that!). Second of all, I own each of these pieces and it makes coordinating outfits so much easier!! Great tips and I love the items you picked out for the post.

    Samantha of

  • A colourful coat or a faux fur vest is perfect for layering in winter. I do love a good pair of ankle boots as well xx

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  • I love your outfit! Layering is fun because there’s so many styles and colors to combine. I think these are all essentials, especially when the weather is getting beyond cold.

  • I love floppy hats! This looks great on you.

  • All that cloth looks very nice, I envy you because we’re on summer here and it’s quite hot!

  • AnchorsandHoney

    Your outfit is super cute! I need to get over my fear of wearing skirts! The way you style is is prefect.

  • Layering is the keyword in winter time. It’s cold outside but inside it can be really warm. Here all the shopping malls are heated with maximum temperature. Super cute pieces all of them!

  • Fatima Ali

    I was looking to buy some of these things and I am so happy to have come across this list.

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