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Something’s are hard to understand!


then you shouldn’t try to understand,  you should just move on. 

Everything will make sense one day!

The moment when something unexpected happens, all we want to understand is why! why the heck did this happen? why? we put in all our energy to decipher every possible reason behind the cause, to stop every voice in our head that keeps demanding an explanation. We believe understanding may relieve us from pain, will keep us aware of our own actions. But, sometimes things happen for no reason, they happen because they are meant to happen. Not everything always have to make sense, not at least for the very moment.

You don’t need an explanation, you need the courage to move on, the strength to hold yourself together. You need someone to comfort you!

Recently, I saw and heard few things that made me realize this. The more you pester yourself for answers, the more you prolong your pain!



Outfit Details: Pink wrap coat c/o Shein (under $30) | Turtleneck Sweater (last seen here; love this) | Asos white Jeans (best fit and only $20) | Ugg boots (comes with fur foot liner) | Gucci  Soho bag (borrowed from a friend; also love this $60 one) | Ray Bans | Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)

Today’s post is another Winter layered outfit but with neutral colors this time. I wanted to get my hands on a wrap coat from a while now but hesitated thinking it would make me look big because of the drape shoulder and loose fit but when Shein approached to me again to do an outfit post, I was excited to find this pink wrap coat on their site and thought it’s time to give it a shot. First look, I was disappointed looking how big it was but once I paired with an outfit, I loved the look. They give casual and elegant vibes at the same time. Wrap coat when wrapped and tied looks very poised with jeans. I like them more with dresses for work and party wear.





The material of this wrap coat is very good compare to the price. It’s thick enough to wear it by itself on a spring day. Since I wore it with a turtleneck, I was able to stay warm. The trick to a fitted wrap look is to tie the belt at the front or back that way you are tightening it to give it a structure. I went for classic grey and pink combo and kept the entire outfit neutral with hints of white and beige.

Current Winter favorites



Camel wrap coat | Pink ruffle sleeve sweater | Stripe blue shirt | Leather Jacket









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Pink wrap coat c/o Shein (under $30) | Turtleneck Sweater (last seen here; love this) | Asos white Jeans (best fit and $20) | Ugg boots (comes with fur foot liner) | Gucci  Soho bag (borrowed from a friend; also love this $60 one) | Ray Bans | Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)


*This post is done in collaboration with Shein. As always, all selections, styling and opinions are unbiased and my very own!
“Smile is the best accessory! wear it always “
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  • Kathy Ramsey Myers

    I love the coat color and style. These are awesome pics!!

  • that sweater is so awesome, just my style, fits so well with that classy coat. Perfect! Blessings!

  • I love greys and neutral colours in the winter, but that pink coat looks amazing x

  • The coat is very pretty. I don’t own a wrap coat so I don’t know how big they can look, but on you, with this outfit, it doesn’t look large at all. I like how you chose the colors, people tend to dress in dark colors in winter.

    • Hi Joanna! I tied the belt at the back to give the coat some structure

  • I love the colors you chose – especially that pink coat, I fell in love with it! As for the bad thinks happening to our life, I agree with you, there is no point in searching for explanations, torturing ourselves. We have to move on. 🙂

  • This might be one of my favourite looks of yours. I adore the pink coat and the long boots, perfect for the winter x

  • Alison Rost

    Wow .. I’m loving the pink coat! And the white jeans .. I haven’t worn white in the winter .. but I think that needs to change. Thanks so much for a great post!

    • I am happy you found it useful! I love wearing whites in winter and spring! the color really transforms the outfit!

  • That’s just simply beautiful. This is why I like neutral colors! I like that it’s also feminine and comfortable!

  • mark and kate

    I like your suggestions for neutral colors…It’s so chic and fabulous! Comfort is a plus of course!

  • kathryn Maher

    This is a great winter look. Its bright and cheery to combat the January blues yet very cosy too. Love the pink coat x

    • haha! So true about the jan blues. Thanks babe! <3

  • Great look there. It almost makes winter worth it. You have quite the fashion sense.

    • Thanks a lot Keith. It means a lot to me! Thanks for the encouragement

  • Veethee Dixit

    I am crazy about those boots and I love that pink coat. Lovely!

  • Salma Dinani

    I love this whole look on you!! I love the light colors in the winter. I never do that!

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  • Ayana Pitterson

    Girl you are slaying this look!!!!! I order things from shein, and often have to send them back, but you have tempted me to go ahead and try giving this coat a shot. Great look.

  • foundfrolicking

    Another great look! I want it all. But I don’t think I could pull it off as well as you.