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Dreaming Loud is a green lifestyle blog focusing on creating a happy and glamorous lifestyle. I share posts on everything from modest fashion to food covering latest fashion trends, styling tips, homemade skin care recipes, natural beauty product reviews, home decor, travel tips and food recipes (only the lazy friendly ones of course!) and everything life’s related.

More than a blog, Dreaming loud is a motivation to live the lifestyle you dream of. It is an attempt to celebrate those little pleasures of life that inspire us each day.

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My name is Suri, I am a software developer by profession and a creative and adventurous seeker by heart. Currently, living in Maryland but made in India. Dreaming Loud is an outlet of my dreams/my other passions in life. This space is my personal dairies of my journey to the lifestyle I dream of that is both green and glamorous.

Dream is not what you see in sleep, it is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep  by APJ Abdul Kalam

Fashion & Photography I personally love styling and my love for fashion probably started the day I learned to dress (cheesy ha! a little :p). I reminiscence stealing fabric from my mum closet and stitching dresses for my dolls and customizing my dresses by adding ruffles and pockets to all of them. Fashion has always been my medium of expressing myself and my mood swings through my wardrobe- which consists of mostly chic, classy and elegant pieces. I love to dip my feet into different trends and styles every now and then but my love for all vintage pieces remains. In this space, I talk about the latest trends, outfit ideas, styling tips, and current sales. I hope to inspire you and help you shop your closet with timeless and effortless pieces.


Beauty and Everything elseI’m a huge natural beauty junkie and I love to do everything homemade. Thanks to my inspiration, my mom who taught me “beauty begins in the kitchen”. I share all my homemade beauty enhancement recipes that are concocted by me under the category Homemade Recipes and other beauty finds and product reviews under DL Faves. I firmly believe in self-healing, practicing Yoga and to the most karma and giving back to nature.

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