Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old's by Top US mom blogger dreaming loud
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Best Puzzles For 2-Year Old’s

In this blog post, we will explore some of the Best Puzzles For 2-Year Old’s!

Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old's by Top US mom blogger dreaming loud

As a parent, you might wonder what kind of activities you can provide for your toddler that is both entertaining and educational. Puzzles are a great way to do just that! However, it can be daunting to find the right puzzles for the right age. In this blog post, I am sharing the best puzzles for 2-year-olds.

You can introduce basic peg puzzles such as these before 12 months. V loves puzzles, so I often look for a level-up puzzle to introduce to him.  We started with the basic peg puzzles; he now enjoys doing 3-4 pieces puzzles.

Puzzles are a fun and engaging way to help 2-year-olds develop important skills. They can help with hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, shape and color recognition, concentration, and patience. So next time you’re looking for an activity for your little one, consider trying out the following puzzle!

Below is the order of how I introduced puzzles to him, starting at six months. 

Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old’s

Best Peg Board puzzles for 2 year old by top US mom blogger dreaming loud

Peg Puzzles

These puzzles have large, easy-to-grasp pieces or knobs that fit into corresponding cutouts on a wooden board. They come in various themes, such as animals, vehicles, and household objects. They encourage problem-solving skills as the little one figures out which piece fits into the shape and strengthens vocabulary.

We started with basic shapes puzzles starting with this single shape puzzle at six months to this Peg shape puzzle board at 12 months. Now he enjoys doing shape group puzzles, which teach differences between small and big sizes and color sorting, and little more advanced group puzzles that also teach them high and low. Here are a few puzzles to consider



Shape sorting and stacking puzzles for 2 year old by top US mom blogger dreaming loud

Shape Sorting and stacking Puzzles

Shape sorting and stacking puzzles are great for matching and stacking shapes and preparing the little one for the jigsaw and complex puzzles.

We started with this shape sorter activity cube, and now I introduced this advanced shape sorter great for developing fine motor control and eye-hand coordination.



Best Matching puzzles for 2 year old by top US mom blogger dreaming loud

Matching Puzzles

When V was 18 months old, he would recognize if he wore the same color dress as my husband or me. We took this as a sign to introduce matching activities and puzzles to him.  Matching puzzles are a great way to help 2-year-olds develop their problem-solving and visual recognition skills. You can introduce several matching puzzles, from color matching to animal, letter, image, and number matching.

V loves this Bingo matching puzzle which is also improving his vocabulary and image recognition. I have yet to introduce this animal family-matching puzzle that will help him learn about animals and their offspring.



Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old's by Top US mom blogger dreaming loud

2-4 Piece Puzzle

2-4 piece or jigsaw puzzles are advanced puzzles that require combining multiple pieces to form a picture. They provide a fun and educational experience to toddlers. It can help develop essential skills such as problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, cognitive development, patience, and persistence.

Start with wooden puzzles with a few pieces, such as these, and increase the number of pieces as your little one gains confidence.

The Puzzles shown in the picture are this and this