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DL’s October Favorites- Natural Beauty and lifestyle

DL's October Favorites
DL’s October Favorites

As October flew like a wind, I am here today to share my natural beauty and lifestyle products that I’ve tried and loved for the month of October. I will be doing these monthly faves starting this month (under the category DL Faves), that will include brief reviews and guide on some natural/ organic beauty products and lifestyle stuff that I have bought, tried and loved for that month. I promise to keep the post within the month (last week of the month) unlike this one.

Box Naturals

Exclusive to luxe towelettes, this brand promises a bio degradable, free of any harmful parabens and petrochemicals wipes that can be used for removing makeup, wiping yoga pants, baby wipes and more.


These are my favorite purse and travel essentials that help me get a clean fresh face on the go. It is naturally scented hence not overpowering but gentle and amazing. All the wipes are individually wrapped that makes it easy to throw one in each purse 🙂 .
Where to buy: Eco diva, get sample sizes here


Ambassador wooden hair brush

I am a huge fan of wooden brushes specially the ones with naturally bore bristles- that protects my hair from drying and splitting (perfect for frizzy hair). The size and shape of this brush makes it perfect for travel and purse.


Ambassador hair brushes are carefully hand-crafted in Germany from non-endangered bamboo wood, that rapidly regrows and they perfectly tame hair by distributing natural oils from scalp to the hair ends. Works wonderful for long hair and comes with a cushion for deep brushing.

where to buy: iherb


Yarok feed your Shine hair serum

When it comes to natural hair serums, the biggest fear is to find a non greasy and yet effective one. Yarok promises to be just the product I was looking for, It absorbs quickly, nourishes, protects hair from excess heat and helps to regain the luster without making it oily/greasy. I have tried argon oil and Moroccan oils but this stands to be the best I have used till date. I use it after washing my hair to reduce frizziness (works like a charm!) and also before and after curling.


The other thing, I love about Yorak hair serum is, it elevates natural curls of your hair. If you have a wavy hair, you will love this product.

where to buy: Ecodiva, get sample sizes here


Mahalo Peel Mask

When it comes to masks, I seek immediate results and it is hard to find such products. However, with Mahalo,  I’ve seen an immediate difference in my skin. It is a detoxifying mask, that left my skin cleansed and rejuvenated (glowing). It is the best mask to fight dull and tired skin particularly for insomniac’s like me 🙂 as it instantly unveils dull skin to glowing.


I received a travel size of this peel mask in my August/ September PetiteVour box which I still use, a little goes a long way. The peel mask boasts to tighten pores, fight acne, oxygenates skin, delay ageing and calm inflammation. The mask is a blend of fruits, plants and flowers like Hibiscus(botox-plant), vitamin C, anti-ageing neem leaf, witch hazel, turmeric and more.

How to Use: Add 2-3 drops of water to a small quantity of mask and paint it on your face with fingers or brush. Rinse it off after 10-15 mins.

Where to buy:  Ecodiva,  get sample sizes here


BP Ankle Boots

Boots and scarves are my favorite accessories for fall and winter. These boots are my absolute go to ones as they are comfy, easy to wear, lots of room if you want to wear bulky socks, good heel height and reasonably priced. I got them in taupe color, which pretty much goes with any color outfit and I get tons of complements every time I wear them 🙂 . If you want to see how they look in person or need some styling tips, check my Insta posts here and here . You can always shop my Instagram looks from our shop page. I would suggest to size up as they tend to run small.

Where to Buy: Nordstrom (exclusive to nordstrom) . Some of my other favorites include: refresh boots (on sale for $24) (comes in various different colors), Sam eldelman boots (suede and low heel), Fringe boots ( Wore them here), Hush puppies


Sherpa Vest

Check my review and how I wore this vest here

where to buy: Neiman Marcus, Similar dynamite vest, target sherpa vest ($27)


Bite Lipstick in Mulberry

Deep plum and wine color lip shades are high for the season and these bite lipstick stands to be the best wine color natural lipstick, I have encountered. Bite lip products are edible (yes, you can happily eat them), anti-ageing and radiant.


As the name says ” luminous cream lipstick”  these are both moisturizing and radiant, smooth on application and supple. The color is beautiful wine and doesn’t stain (towelettes friendly 🙂 ). The ingredients include natural bees wax and shea butter that have moisturizing properties,  jojoba seed oil and sesame oil that are the hydrating specialist and resveratrol (grape seed extract), an antioxidant that helps fight ageing. It is basically a tube of anti ageing with vitamin C&E.

If you live in New York – go visit there Lip lab , where you can concoct your own lip color (isn’t that fun- making your own lipstick)

Where to Buy: Sephora (in color Mulberry- wine)


Kjaer Weis Organic Eyeshadow in Earthly Calm

With certified organic products (might contain synthetic ingredients in small traces), Kjaer Weis promises to produce luxurious beauty products with reusable/ refillable stainless steel containers (packaging do matter esp when it is steel). Earthly calm is a beautiful matte brown color that works wonderful as a transition or crease color , also for filling lower lash line.


I avoid creasing as I have small eyes, instead I use it on my lower lash line to create a natural and everyday look. It also makes my eyes look bigger and bright. These Eye shadows are highly pigmented and long lasting. I see the eye shadow on my lower lash line ever after a crazy day of work and spinning, sometimes the next day too when I don’t clean it (which is most of the times 😛 )

Tip-  Fill your lower lash line with a matte brown eye shadow to make them naturally bigger and brighter.

where to buy: Ecodiva, get sample sizes here

100% Pure Coconut whipped body butter

Recently, I had the privilege to visit one of their stores and met some wonderful people, who work there. These people clearly know what they are selling and will better assist you with any skincare questions you have. They are all well versed with all the ingredients they use, which saved me ton of time of not going through the ingredient list.

As the name speaks for itself, 100% Pure Cosmetics is made of 100% pure organic products with fruit dyed makeup (they get all the color from fruits) that is rich in anti oxidants and vitamins.


I bought this coconut whipped body butter because, you guys know how much I love coconut. I’m also a fan of body butter for colder months and this stands to be the best body and hand butter I’ve used till date. It smells like real coconut, gentle and smooth in application. Absorbs quickly without being greasy and keeps my skin moisturized for long. If you have a dry skin, this product is your savior.

Where to buy: 100percentpureAmazon