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Giving Back: Meet Dr Sunitha Krishnan, the savior of many girl’s life

The holiday shopping season is officially here and everyone is so crazy running around, shopping for last minute gifts, setting things right for Christmas dinners and new year parties. It’s easy to get caught up with the holiday rush- but it’s also important that, we take some time and be thankful for what’s around us and think about the less fortunates. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do acknowledge it’s essence by “Appreciating  and Giving Back

Today, I am giving back in a small way by appreciating Dr Sunitha Krishnan and donating to her wonderful organization Prajwala– that fight and rescue sex trafficking victims and help them regain dignity and confidence.

Sex Trafficking– Today women trafficking and sexual exploitation are burning stigma’s of modern day slavery. Around millions of women, and children are being trafficked around the world as a part of flesh trade. These women, including children of age 10 or under, end up in prostitution; being sexually harassed, depressed, prone to diseases, and eventually dead.

Source : Prajwalaindia

Under such dreaded circumstances, social activist Sunitha Krishanan, not only survived the agony of gang rape but channeled her anger to rescue and rehabilitate other rape and sex trafficking victims. Meet Dr Sunitha Krishnan, a 41/2 inch short fierce lady, behind the largest anti-trafficking shelter in the World.

Source : Prajwalaindia

From a rape victim to Savior

Sunitha Krishnan was born and brought up in Bangaluru, India. At an early age of 12, she started running schools for under privileged. At the age of  15, when she was organizing a literacy camp in a village, 8 egoistic men, who didn’t like her interference in their so called “men’s society”, gang raped her and beat her, until she was partially deaf in one ear.

The incident didn’t traumatize her as a victim but rather angered her by the way people treated her, questioned her freedom of helping the villagers. The huge silence of the society about the fact of million women and children being raped and trafficked each day, the normalization of entire situation enraged her and laid the foundation for Prajwala and dedicating her life as a full time social activist and volunteer at Prajwala.

Organization that saved 12,000 life’s

Prajwala is currently the world’s largest anti-trafficking shelter in the World. The organization instrumented several risky operations and rescued over 12,000 women, including children. Prajwala provide holistic support to the survivors by providing psychological care, medical support, legal aid, life-skills and livelihood options, by training them in carpentry, welding, printing, masonry and housekeeping etc. Prajwala also shelters HIV positive victims and protects children of prostituted mothers from entering the fresh trade.

Sunitha has been attacked and received death threats several times,  but none seemed to bother her from fighting against human trafficking.

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Watch Sunitha Krishnan TED talk, and you will understand, why I adore and revere her so much. She is a real HERO


Make someone smile today by appreciating their presence in this world. Donate to this cause or any cause that you believe, your love will make a difference. I hope and you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and happiest of new year!

Thank You for reading and donating to the cause.