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5 Things My Mother Taught Me+ Mothers Day Gift Guide

I have always been a daddy’s girl (still am) but as I grew up I have realized how much I wanted to be like my mom. I think it’s obvious for girls to appreciate their mothers and guys their fathers as they grow up. Today, I am very nervous and emotional as I write this post because I have never shared much about my personal space and this is about someone I am very emotionally attached to. My mom has taken a lot of decisions for me in my life. Like every other obedient Indian child, I followed them, while she had to bear my tantrums and frustrations. Though, I wasn’t happy following her orders but now when I look back, they are actually the best things that happened in my life (which I would never admit before her :)).

Out of many things my mom taught me, there are certain things that are imbibed deep inside me which I would pass on to my next generations. These are the things that keeps me rolling when I’m low and keeps me grounded when I am happy. I believe that this are some things every mom teach her children and I hope you find some inspiration to never give up on your dreams and aspirations.

1. See the positive side of a change

My mom was a very good student, she topped every single exam she ever wrote in her life. I am proud to say she is self-made. she studied engineering on scholarship and managed to find herself a job at a reputed aeronautic company. But once she got married, she left her job, gave up her career and everything she had worked so hard for to be a home maker (a story of many women in India). Her life has taught me that many things change in life and It is sometimes inevitable especially if you are a Women. But instead of worrying and sulking about it, she put her education to good use in raising us. While, all my friends hired a private tutor from an early age, my mom used to teach my brother and myself every evening after school. She used to read newspaper and magazines to tell us what was happening in the World. I still remember she used to study Hindi (as it’s not mother tongue) to teach us and very recently after I moved to states, she went to computer classes so that she can email, Facebook and Skype with me.

I have learnt that change can be god if you see the positive side of it. Though, my mum would never want me to be a stay home mom and neither do I but in future if I had to for a while, I would happily do it like my mom did and take pride of it, like my mom did.

2. Be kind and giving

There isn’t a day goes by in my home when my mom doesn’t share our food with others. Like they say in India, “women with a big hand”. My mum is one of those, who can never cook less. Being said that, she also makes sure the food isn’t wasted. She prepares food (as it’s the primary thing she has under her control) for everyone – street animals, my dad’s office boys, fruit and vegetable sellers who goes door-to door to sell things. She doesn’t leave anyone in hunger. She taught me “helping others in need, will make you a better human being, it will take you one step closer to God“.

Also, I have never seen my mom loosing her cool on anyone (except for my dad, me, and my brother, off course :P). She makes her point with utmost subtlety and compassion. She taught me “being nice is the best gift you can give yourself. Although she tells us to not be like her and revert back when someone makes a mean comment, but she doesn’t realize, it’s something she never taught us or showed us how.

3. It’s ok to fail sometimes

My mom once told me when I was little that “There will be a phase in your life when things will work as you planned them, similarly there will a phase when nothing will work out for you“. Life is a balance so, it’s ok to fail sometimes, it’s ok if you are not prepared for it because you never will be and It’s even better if you see failures early in your life as they will mold you to be a better person. Treat your failure as a part of the process as there is always good coming your way.

4. Celebrate little joy’s

I said about this in my Valentines day post before that my mom celebrates every single occasion though it’s a Hindu festival or Christmas or a Independence day. She makes sure to call my brother, my sister-in-law and me to wish and to remind us to take a break and relax. She always told me that “it’s ok to be still and do nothing sometimes, it’s ok to pamper yourself  at times” – which I might have taken pretty seriously and bought myself some 10000.. pair of shoes and bags 🙂 I love her even more when she says “go buy something for yourself”

5. Never loose hope and have faith in God

My mom is a firm believer in God. she believes “when god closes one door, it means he was something better and wonderful for you in another”  she always told me to have faith in God, as God is hope and hope will always lead you to a better life.

After, a heart full drenching of emotions, it’s time for something light and fun. As Mother’s day is approaching (may 8th) I thought, I would round-up some my favorite gifts like I did last year. This are somethings every Indian mom would like and every mom in general.


From Left to Right- Pratima Ayurvedic Pearl Rejuvenating Cream // Barrington gifts tote (monogram initials) // Kate spade watch // LV mini handbag // Pacifica Perfume // Calphalon hard ionized cookware

Tote and mini handbag –Totes are mom’s best friend especially while travelling but other times my mom loves a mini handbag as she doesn’t carry a lot of stuff. It is my long time wish that I get a LV bag for her. This year I am planning to get one for her when I go home.

Pratima Pearl Rejuvenating Cream – Pratima products are not new to this space. They are Ayurvedic and completely organic. The pearl rejuvenating cream is amazing for ageing skin as Pearl is filled with antioxidants and amino acids.

Calphalon hard ionized Cookwear Hard ionized are non-toxic nonstick pans. They are scratch proof, non reactive as it has a non-porous lock that prevents aluminium from leaking. I have not seen an Indian mom who doesn’t love Calphalon products.

What are you getting for your mom for Mothers day? Leave them in comments