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Carry On Travel Essentials and Tips to Packing Small and Smart

The Holiday season is kicking in. Whether you are heading back home or traveling somewhere for the new year or planning a future trip, these are some of the essentials and tips that will save you from the luggage explosion.

Unless you are traveling for more than a week or you are dandy with some serious room in your suitcase (no offense, I was too), no one would want to check-in a bag and wait forever at the carousel, or stay worried with the thought of losing them. So, the golden rule of traveling is NOT TO CHECK-IN a bag and this post will help you with all the carry on essentials that are both green and glamorous.


Makeup brushesWipes, Mascara, Sandalwood Mask, Mini hair brush, Deodrant, Eye shadow and blush palette, Mini lipsticks, Silk scarf, Transporter tote, Lace-up flats / heels, Stripe peplum top, Shades, Sweater dress, Parka

Beauty Essentials: Most of the beauty items listed are not new to dl. I’ve raved about Box naturals wipes, tarte clay palette, and soapwalla deodorant before and I still stand and sit on my words about them. They are definitely my must-have travel essentials.

Box natural wipes are multi-functional, they can be used as makeup wipes,  or as a cleanser or as a refresher or for just wiping your bag. Another favorite of mine are these cute little lipsticks from Tarte; I carry them in my purse all the time and use them religiously as a lip balm. The sandalwood mask, on the other hand, will help you get through the dull or not so charming face days.

Fashion essentials: Sure, the essentials may vary depending on where you are heading (cold or sunny), but these are some of the casual pieces that are both comfy and contemporary. You can certainly add some glam to your travel by adding a lace or a pleated dress for those beautiful sunset dinners.

Tips to pack small and smart

  1. Wear your biggest pieces– Always wear your biggest pieces like coat and boots to save some extra space and from baggage check-in.
  2. Stuff smartAir compression bags or giant Ziplocs are miraculous if you are planning to carry more stuff.  They squeeze the air out of clothes, giving you more room in a suitcase (you can still be dandy and travel light). Compression bags come in various sizes and can be used for packing toiletries and for securing wet swimming gear.
  3. Accessorize bright: Focus on small details, that will make any outfit smart like silk scarvesstatement earrings, and a metallic clutch. Accessories will take less space and come in handy. You never know when you’ll need to look sharp.
  4. Do the Math: Always count the number of outfits you are packing versus the number of days you are travelling, that will help you from not packing more stuff.
  5. Bag it up: Separate each shoe and toiletries into smaller bags and line them along the sides of the suitcase. This helps in organizing stuff while saving room for other stuff.

I hope this is helpful. Safe travels and happy holidays!

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Happy new year in Advance! Have an amazing new year’s eve, party hard but stay sober 🙂

What are your plans for New year’s eve, heading somewhere? I will be chilling on my pj’s, watching Netflix and chatting with my family!