Natural Beauty Favorites

November faves- Natural beauty and lifestyle

It’s that time of the month where I beauty talk about some of my favorite natural beauty and lifestyle products for the month of November. keeping up  with the spirit of holidays and weddings, I’ve picked and tried products that are prefect to create a gorgeous festive look. I hope you enjoy them as much I did 🙂



Pratima’s geranium rose botanical shampoo

Every since I moved to natural, my biggest nightmare was to find a good natural shampoo. I must start by noting that I have long, wavy, thick and relatively frizzy hair. Finding a good natural alternative for my then favorite head & shoulder that can fight both frizziness and dandruff didn’t happen in a day. It was a process, a year long process of several trails and few hits. Each time, I disliked a product I tried, I went back to Head and shoulders disappointed until I found pratima’s and burt’s bees pomegranate shampoo which relatively satisfied me. I like Pratima’s better when compared to burt bee’s as it is extra nourishing and 100% organic. Pratima’s products are not new to DL, I have raved about her neem oil here  so picking this shampoo wasn’t big of a challenge.

pratima-gerinium shampoo-dl
pratima-gerinium shampoo-dl

Reasons I like it more- This shampoo contains hibiscus and amla which are excellent for nourishing dry hair and also stimulate hair growth. The combination also give a cooler undertone to your natural hair color. Over all, the lather was decent enough and the geranium fragrance was divine. It was  highly conditioning and didn’t had to use a conditioner. The shampoo was also lightweight making it easy to wash out.

Where to buy : Pratima website


Bkr water bottle

bky glass bottles are eco-friendly and healthier option to regular BPA-ridden plastic bottles. They are made of glass, silicon and come in 3 different sizes (250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter). The twist off cap comes with a loop for easy handling and the sleek design makes it travel and handbag friendly. They also make a  perfect gift to give someone who is health and environment conscious (find them in our gift guide as well :))


Where to buy: Ecodiva, Neiman marcus


Nubian body wash

Nubian makes a variety of daily body washes that are free from parabens, artificial fragrances and phthalates. They are readily available in whole foods and other departmental stores. I tried most of their body washes and they were all awesome. This olive oil and tea tree is what I have been using since last month and loving it. The lather was excellent, smelled like tea and was highly moisturizing. It didn’t leave my skin dry like other soaps rather healed it.

This soaps works great for itchy and flakey skin and I have seen results within 3-4 washes. Nubian Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver and Raw shea butter are my other favorites. They also come in travel sizes which I love and appreciate. The ingredients are organic, includes olive oil, avocado oil and honeysuckle flower extract.

Where to buy: Iherb, wholefoods, Amazon, Small flower


Homemade Rose Scrub

This simple homemade recipe is a DL exclusive, which I am been loving and using a lot lately. Check this link for complete recipe and ingredients list.



100% pure eye shadow in color figi

Fiji is a beautiful shimmery gold color which is 100% pure with no artificial color and preservatives. All 100% pure beauty products are fruit or vegetable dyed hence they are rich in antioxidants. This eye shadow was smooth in application, highly pigmented and stayed intact without creasing.


The color was light hence needed extra application to achieve a deeper look. I use it more for highlighting my inner corner- works gorgeous, give it a try. This color is perfect for holidays and also makes a perfect gift for your girl friend or mother.

Check my other favorite 100% pure product, which I’ve reviewed here

where to buy: 100% pure website


Vapor Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer

I am not huge on foundations and concealers but ever since I have started this space, I have been sleepless and my eyes started to look swollen and dark. This products was such a rescue when I needed some magic to cover my dark circles. The first and foremost thing I loved about this product was- it was light, not cakey but at the same time covered my imperfections. The coverage was natural even when applied with compact powder. I’m Mine in shade 030 (picture below).


The handy tube makes it convenient to carry it in purse and easy to apply without a brush. The Illusionist can also be used to cover other discoloration on face like the nose and chin areas to give a even and healthy finish. It is made with 70% organic and 30% natural mineral pigments, include soothing frankincense, antioxidant tulsi , calming lotus and sunflower oil.

Where to buy: Ecodiva, get sample sizes here


Bite Lip Pencil in color Quince

By now you would have understood my ardent love for bite lipsticks, they are the best of all toxic and non toxic lip products I have tried and used till date. This was my first lip pencil I’ve tried from them and honestly,  I love their pencils more than the lipsticks. They are creamy and smooth in application just like their luminous creme lipstick but this stays longer (wayyyy longer)than the luminous ones. You can happily eat and drink with it without worrying about smudging and wearing off. As they are highly pigmented, they do stain your lips so you can’t escape from using a makeup remover.

Qunice is a highly pigmented rose berry color that is gorgeous and perfect for festivals and authentic wear. It’s my holy grail lipstick that doesn’t need constant touch-ups, pure in ingredients, edible, moisturizing and incredible. I am going to buy them in every single color 🙂

Where to buy: Sephora


Tarte showstopper clay palette

This palette makes yet another great gift. It includes 6 neutral eye shadows, a every day blush, a bronzer and a highlighter. This disc palette is a day to night palette with beautiful neutral and deep shades. The brown works best for outer corner and lower lash line while the blush, champagne and grey colors work great on lid as well as outer corner. I love that it comes with a multipurpose highlight that can used to highlight cupids bow, cheekbone, brow arch and inner corner. This is perhaps the most used shade in the palette for me. The palette also comes with their popular amazonian clay blush that is perfect for everyday use.


Overall the size and shape of this palette makes it perfect for travel and purse. This is my my fist tarte eye shadow palette and I must say I am happy but could be better. I feel the eye shadows could be more pigmented and long lasting. They do work and look great with a primer underneath. I absolutely love the highlighter and blush.

Where to buy: Sephora, Ulta, Derma store

What are your favorite beauty products for holidays? leave them in comments