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Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

The weather has been very unpredictable lately (like always), it is darling one day (sunny) and the other day it’s all wet and wild. Not that, I am complaining (like always), I love changing my wardrobe as per the season and with every day changing weather, it’s fun to play dress up. So, before it’s

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Trending Now- Ruffle dresses

If I had to pick one detail for all my white formal dresses, it would undoubtedly be ruffles. They are uber cute and imparts chic vibes to any outfit. Though, ruffles might intimidate few, but in reality, this is a style that women of all shape and size can rock (totally!). Outfit– Banana Ruffle dress (Similar under

Homemade-lotion-bar-stick-recipe | Natural DIY Lotion Stick Recipe featured by popular Ohio natural beauty blogger, Dreaming Loud
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Natural DIY Lotion Stick Recipe

My make bag and bathroom closet is always filled with variety of organic moisturizing products ranging from coconut oil to macadamia oil, but they get sometimes clumsy to carry it everywhere especially during photo shoots in cold weather. I’m constantly in need of a lotion for my dry spots- elbows, palms, legs