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How to Nail the Athleisure Trend

Who doesn’t love a trend that would let you wear yoga pants and joggers out without looking like your are headed to gym. Yes, it’s the Athleisure trend that slowly made its way to main stream fashion this Summer. Athleisure is the amalgamation of casual fabrics with sporty silhouettes. Tips to nail Athleisure– There is a

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Summer Maxi Skirts

Anything breezy and easy is always a yes in Summer provided they aren’t too short. Maxi dress and skirts are definitely number one choice in that criteria with more than decent length and easy to wear. I personally prefer maxi skirts over dresses as they have more scope to style. Not

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Vintage College Style

I remember (not that it’s been so long, my memory just doesnt go beyond a year) my college wardrobe was packed with tank tops, blouses, cardigans, plaid shirts, blazers,and  jeans. I was more of well (or nerdy) dressed college girl than an easy-going one (which I really was) who wore sweatpants and leggings to class.