My Kitchen

All my Eco-friendly Kitchen and pantry favorites in one place!

Storage Canisters and Boxes

Amazon Pantry organization- Steel Canisters by top US lifestyle blogger Dreaming Loud

(Top left to right) For Flour and Lentils (another option here)

For tea, coffee, and condiments (also here and here)

For Snacks

For Rice

Scoop for Flour

1 Cup measuring cup (cheaper options here and here)

Coffee and condiments scoop (also comes in gold and copper)


Amazon Pantry organization- Glass Containers by top US lifestyle blogger dreaming loud

(Top left to right) For Beans

For Baking flour

For Pickle (other option here)

For Spices 8oz (other options here)

For large quantity spices

Mason Jar airtight single lids steel, wood

For Nuts and Seeds

For Pasts and Pulses

Spice jar wooden spoons


Amazon Pantry organization- Spices Organization by Top US lifestyle blogger dreamingloud

6 oz Spice Jars

Spice Jar Labels

Spice Jar Spoons

Spice jar Cabinet Organizer

4 oz Drawer Spice Jars (I like these  wooden lids better than the one we have)

Spice Jar Drawer rack


Safe Pots and Pans




Utensils and Tools


Zero-waste Kitchen Accessories


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