Favorite Tote bags for Travelling by Top US fashion blogger dreaming loud

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Vihaan’s Bath Essentials

Toddler Boy Bath Essentials


Vihaan’s Easel board and Art essentials

Toddler Easel board and Art Essentials by top US mom blogger dreaming loud

Easel board 

It’s a 3-in-1 Easel board with a paper roll for pointing, a magnetic whiteboard, and a chalkboard on the other side. It’s currently on sale. It’s one of the compact easel boards on the market. The paper size is smaller than the regular easel paper roll.

Erasable Paint Colors and Spill proof container

Paintbrush pen

Dustless Chalk with Eraser

Chalk Holder for the little ones 

Other chalk holder + chalk option (we use this right now)


Favorite Laundry Hamper /Basket- 50% off

Target Home Basics Wicker Laundry Basket with Removeable Liner,



Amazon Home BIRDROCK HOME Premium 2 Section Linen Collapsible Laundry Hamper with 4 Load Capacity | Removable Mesh Bags, Magnetic Lid and Sturdy MDF Board



Favorite Tote Bags for Traveling

Vera Bradley Vera tote (it’s washable)

Mz Wallace Large tote (seen here; comes with a crossbody strap); another model from the same brand here)

Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote (seen here)


Splurge or Save- Anthropologie Mirror dupe

Splurge- Anthropologie Mirror | Save- Amazon Find


3-tier fruit stand and Kithcen Sink Organization by top US mom blogger dreaming loud



Favorite Toddler Winter Purchases by Popular mom blogger dreaming loud



Toddler Plush Jumpsuits (not on sale) $21.99

Every time I share a story of V wearing these, I get a ton of DMs asking for links. These plush jumpsuits are great for cold nights.



Clothing, shoes and Jewelry Organizers I Use

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