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wearing J.Jill Linen Side-Tie Tunic with Patiala pant | 15 Desi / Indian Customs of Mine: wearing patiala pants, featured by popular Ohio fashion blogger, Dreaming Loud
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15 Desi / Indian Customs of Mine

As they say, old habits die hard! Wherever you go, your upbringing and culture have a tremendous influence on you. Born and bred in India, the culture, rituals, & few myths are strongly imbibed in me. Some I want to pass on to my next generation, some I am still working to get out of it and some that warm my heart and makes me giggle.

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Giving Back: Meet Dr Sunitha Krishnan, the savior of many girl’s life

The holiday shopping season is officially here and everyone is so crazy running around, shopping for last minute gifts, setting things right for Christmas dinners and new year parties. It’s easy to get caught up with the holiday rush- but it’s also important that, we take some time and be thankful for what’s