Free Goals and Intention Tracker by top US lifestyle blog, Dreaming Loud
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Download my Free Goals and Intentions Tracker

Free Goals and Intention Tracker by top US lifestyle blog, Dreaming Loud

In 2019, I created my Free Goals and Intentions Tracker to have a practical approach to achieving my goals. Since then the tracker has been a massive hit, more than 5000 people have downloaded it so far. I am re-sharing the tracker and sharing how to use it to crush your goals in 2023.

Download my Free Goals and Intentions Tracker

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How To Use the Free Goals and Intentions Tracker

  1. Write down your goals for the year– Jot them all the goals for the year
  2. Categorize your Goals– You can use the categories already listed in the excel tracker to group your goals or add new ones or remove existing ones. Some of the categories listed in the tracker are Health, Mental well-being, Marriage & Family, etc. Put the goals in their respective categories. Ex-goals about losing weight or eating habits will go under Health. Family and house goals can cover date nights, family vacations, and house renovations.
  3. Write down intentions for all your goals– write down the steps you want to take to achieve the goal. Ex- If you want to save $600 a month. Look at your past month’s spending to see where you are spending more and where you can save. If you think the goal is not possible change it. Write down the action plan that is realistic. You can add intentions like eating out only once a week rest coo homecooked meals, buying only one fashion item a month, etc. Be very precise with your intentions.
  4. Block them in the calendar- Place the goals in the calendar. For example- if I want to do 2 date nights a month, work out 3 times a week, and publish 2 blog posts a week. I need to write that all into a calendar and see how realistic I can make it for any given month.
  5. Update the Tracker Every month– Set up a calendar reminder end of each month (I update mine on the last Friday of each month) to update your monthly Goals and Intentions and end of every quarter to update your Quarterly goals. The progress tracker is color-coded so you get a gist of how you did for the month with a mere glance.
  6. Last but not least CELEBRATE your wins! No matter how big or small each goal is, make sure you acknowledge that you have achieved something.