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Mule Loafers Trend

Menswear inspired shoes are huge this fall especially the backless or mule loafers. They’ve been trending since Spring and continue to take the limelight in Autumn as well. I appreciate a good alternative or upgrade every now and then. This mule loafers are nothing short of class and elegance compare to classic […]

Casual, Denim, Summer

Late Summer Essentials: Crop Tops

I can’t believe we are almost into end of September, feels like it started yesterday. Whatever it might be, I like when time moves fast as I like being chased, it keeps me motivated and going. But, at times I do wish time would just give me a break, perhaps that’s when I buzz off and take […]

Indian Fusion & Boho, Summer

Boho Grunge

If you are anything like me who loves everything chic but a little tom boyish at heart, then you will love the grunge boho style. It is more bold, punk and rock n roll than the original boho look, with tough leather jackets, bold jewelry, and black boots that conveys the grunge […]