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Growing up in India, I learned that beauty begins in the kitchen”. I share my homemade beauty recipes that I learnt from mom and grandmother and some I concocted in the website. As an Indian blogger, my goal is to help others find more natural beauty products — or make them at home in the kitchens — that are tailored to South Asian skin and hair. 

If you are South Asian, you may have tried makeup designed for Black women, only to find that it can mask your skin’s golden undertones. You need makeup formulated especially for your skin’s color and tone. Especially if you like a natural look like me, you will need products that enhance your natural beauty instead of giving a cakey look. Check out my tutorial posts on natural makeup looks and skincare routines. You’ll also want to check out my blog posts on hair — how Indian hair reacts to a balayage, how to make festive braids for special occasions and more. 

My goal as a blogger for young women and new moms is to introduce them to healthy, safe, natural products they can use to enhance their beauty and feel good about themselves! 

Essential Oils with SPF featured by popular natural beauty blogger, Dreaming Loud
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Essential Oils with SPF: Do they provide UV protection? + 2 Best Natural Mineral Sunscreens

Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils With SPF Last year, I did a post on Summer beauty essentials which typically sums up my favorite natural products for Summer. Not much has changed in my routine apart from concocting essential oil recipes for the same products. A lot of people use Coconut oil