Father's Day Gift Guide by Top US Fashion and Mom blogger Dreaming Loud
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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 19th to be precise), if you are still wondering what to get for your partner, here are a few ideas that I have personally bought Rajesh for different occasions or some I thought are cute and practical to gift and some recommended by Rajesh himself. Without further ado let’s get into the post

Father's Day Gift Guide by Top US Fashion and Mom blogger Dreaming Loud

Fathers Day Gift Guide


1. Stand Desk Converter / Standing Desk 

Whether your partner goes to the office or works from home, having an option to stand, stretch and walk around while attending meetings or working is a true game-changer!

Shop: Standing Desk Converter (use this to convert any desk into a standing desk) | Standing Desk


2.  Photo Book

This is my favorite gift idea, personally, I would love this as a mother’s day gift. The big milestones, little moments, and everything in-between keep things simple with a round-up of favorite photo memories of your partner and kids.

Shop: Shutterfly Photo Book  Use the CVS App and get it printed at the CVS store


3. Personalized Measuring Tape

This is what I gave Rajesh for last year’s Father’s Day. He loves fixing and building things, he uses it more than I thought he would. The best part is you can customize it in South Asian Languages.

Shop: Personalized Measuring Tape


4. Gas Grill

Who doesn’t love BBQ? I am linking the Gas grill we own along with a few other options.

Shop: Gas Grill we own (5 burner option) |  Werber Grill | Grill Accessories


5. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses provide clearer, more accurate vision and alleviate some eye strain. They are worst the extra money compared to the standard sunglasses.

Shop: Ray-Ban Polarized Club Master Sunglasses, Ray-Ban Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses


6. Key Holder

I thought this was a cute gift idea and has wonderful reviews on the quality and customer service.

Shop: Key Holder


7. Chef Knife

We own this chef knife, both I and Rajesh love chopping veggies with it. It’s smooth and it makes the chore enjoyable. We haven’t used a vegetable chopper ever since we bought this. If your partner or dad loves cooking, they will definitely appreciate it.

Shop: Chef’s Knife


8. Duffle Bag

We don’t own the exact same duffle bag but I bought a duffle bag from Lululemon 7 years back and it still looks new and in good shape. I use it every month to carry clothes for my photo shoot.

Shop: Duffle bag


9. Slim Wallet

Small leather wallet with money clip. It looks stylish, and functional and doesn’t break the bank.

Shop: Wallet


10. Comfy and Washable Loafers

I bought this loafer for Rajesh a few months back, he absolutely loves it. (check it in action here). The fact that you can machine wash is a big plus. Rajesh wears these shoes sometimes on the lawn and I don’t want to worry about them getting stained.

Shop: Loafers


Adding a few more gift ideas in the slider below