Home office essentials featured by top MI lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud.

Top 12 Must-Have Home Office Essentials

These home office essentials will improve your productivity and help you separate work from home life, scroll down for my top picks!

Home office essentials featured by top MI lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud.

Whether you work from home full time or part-time, it’s nice to have a dedicated office space. I feel motivated and get more work done when I work at a desk because it creates an environment of an office at home and separates work from relaxing.

If you don’t have a separate room for office, find an area with minimum traffic flow or a corner of a room off from the main area with good natural lighting if possible.

Home office essentials featured by top MI lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud.

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1. Desk  2. Desk Chair  3. Monitor  4. Computer Glasses  5. Cord Organizer  6. Storage Boxes 7. Clock + timer 8. Time marked water bottle  9. Get shit done To-do list  10. Verticle Laptop Stand  11. Charging Hub  12. Ink Pen


12 Home Office Essentials

Office Desk

This is a must for me. If I let the laptop creep into my downtime space, it makes it harder for me to separate work from home life. That’s why I absolutely love this Walker Edison desk, it has enough space to put my iMac, laptop, keyboard, mood board, plants, and stationary. The best part, it comes with integrated USB and AC port. Find a desk that is suitable for your home from the slider below:

Standing desks/converters


Comfy Chair

If you spend a lot of time in your home office, invest in a durable ergonomic chair. The best office chair brands are Humanscale, Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Knoll. Humanscale focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly design with research-backed ergonomics. I also love this upholstered chair that I got 3 years back, it’s still very comfy and looks almost new. I intentionally got a chair without any hands because I like to fold my legs when I sit. Comfort is key how much ever you are spending on the chair.

Some of the affordable chairs that have a good rating are Flash Furniture leather seat chair, upholstered swivel office chair (25% off) for a small office, and this leather molded chair. Check more options in the slider below


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Monitor and Tech Accessories

As a software engineer by profession, I am a huge fan of monitors. You can view documents or applications side-by-side for comparison, research, or for simply copy-pasting. I use an iMac with my laptop which I specifically got it for photo editing and other blog-related stuff a few years back.  Depending on what you work more on when you are home, invest in the desktop. For office-related assignments, I would recommend getting an affordable monitor that you can easily plugin to your work laptop.

I also like a laptop stand that will raise the laptop screen to the height of the monitor. This vertical stand will be perfect if you have a small workplace as it takes very little space. If the couch is our home office check this lap desk.


Desk Storage & Organization

When it comes to storage and organization, I like bins with lids like this or this to throw in all extra stationery or other stuff that you don’t use on a regular basis. A filing cabinet or a box to organize all the documents.


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Stationary and Desk Accessories

Here comes my favorite part. I have an obsession with stationery. To-do lists, Journals, Planners, and pens. I can never have enough of them. My absolute favorite pens to write are Ink pens. I got this Faber Castel pen when I was bullet journaling and been obsessed with it ever since. These Kaco pens not only look cute but also write great and these ones come with a rubber grip. All these ink pens are leakproof and smudge-proof. For highlighting, I like these airbrush art markers.

I use this get shit done to-do list religiously every single day. This rotating timer + clock is just AWESOME. I use it to time my tasks when I put my phone away. This is the best Pomodoro timer!


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