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Postpartum Belly Wraps

Best Postpartum Belly Wraps | Postpartum Belly Wraps by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: collage image of a Amazon Belly Wrap, Belly Bandi Belly Wrap, and Belly Band Extender.

First of all, you can get postpartum belly wraps and bands from the hospital for free. They usually give it if you had a C-section but there is no harm in asking if you had a normal delivery. I deliberately had to remind the nurse few times to get one even though I had a C-section. If you are unable to get one from the hospital or end up not liking the one you got, here are 2 options-

Postpartum Belly Wraps

Amazon Postpartum Belly Wrap– The first one (the black one) is affordable but it didn’t fit me so I immediately returned it cause it made me feel bad about my body (damm! even a stupid wrap can make you feel sad, that’s postpartum for you ladies!). I didn’t know about belly band extenders at this point (yes it’s a thing you add to your wrap to extend it just like a bra extender).

Belly Bandit Postpartum Belly Wrap– I got the second one (the beige, pricey one) which I really liked it and the one I use right now, I still had to add the extender as the wrap was too tight on me initially. It did a great job tucking everything in neatly without moving or folding.  I wore it consistently for a week and saw a huge difference then I fell off the wagon once I commenced work. Four months into postpartum I still wear it occasionally on days when I do everything perfectly (like taking a shower in the morning😆 WFH life!). Also, the velcro didn’t peel my clothes like the one I got from the hospital did! 

Highly recommend wearing it for few hours or the whole day at least in the first couple of weeks! 

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Black belly band | Beige belly band | Band Extender

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