Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries Recipe, a healthy breakfast idea featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud
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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries Recipe

Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries Recipe, a healthy breakfast idea featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I start my day with smoothies! lately, I have been trying to be more creative with it by turning Vihaan’s breakfast leftovers into a smoothie. On days, I give him ragi malt or ragi with greek yogurt for breakfast (it’s so yum, I will share the recipe soon, I alternate oats and ragi for this recipe) I usually make this smoothie. When the idea first popped up of using the leftovers, I never thought it never thought I will make it again, let alone post it here. But here we are and trust me, you won’t put the glass down until it’s done. The Ragi and Blueberry smoothie is delicious, healthy, filling, and a quick pick-me-up energy drink.

If you or your kids are not a fan of ragi malt (the traditional ragi drink) or porridge, try this, you get to enjoy the health benefits of finger millet (ragi) without compromising on taste.

Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries

Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries Recipe, a healthy breakfast idea featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

Health Benefits of Ragi/ Finger Millet

Ragi aka Finger Millets has umpteen benefits when comes to health. It’s gluten-free and a powerhouse of calcium, in fact, the content is higher than any other cereal. Including it in your children’s diet will ensure stronger bones and teeth in their growing-up days.

Ragi has more dietary fiber as compared to rice, wheat, or other grains which makes ragi a great aid for digestion-related issues and it keeps you fuller for longer.

Finger miller is so rich in iron that it can treat anemia and improve lower hemoglobin levels. It also has a good amount of Vitamin C which helps in faster absorption of iron. It’s a wonderful grain to include in your diet if you are pregnant or a lactating mom

It is rich in polyphenols which helps in controlling blood sugar levels, making it a wonder grain for diabetics

Ragi is low in fat compared to other cereals and this fat is unsaturated fat aka good fat. It’s an excellent grain to include in your diet if you are trying to reduce weight.

Ragi contains an essential amino acid known as Tryptophan, which helps produce more serotonin. Serotonin is chemical nerve cells production that can affect mood and sleep. Consuming ragi regularly helps in dealing with conditions like Insomnia, anxiety.

Recipe /Ingredient Variations

  • You can make this smoothie as a porridge for your baby. Mash the blueberries and add them to the cooked ragi porridge along with greek yogurt instead of blending the ingredients. It’s my 10-month-old favorite breakfast at the moment.
  • You can use oats powder or quick oats instead of ragi flour for a different variation. It tastes the same.
  • You can substitute blueberry with any fruit of your choice.
Ragi (Finger Millet) and Blueberry Smoothie

Ragi Smoothie with Blueberries

Ragi Blueberry smoothie is a tasty breakfast smoothie that is packed with all essential nutrients. This healthy smoothie is perfect for all age groups, especially wonderful for babies and growing children.
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 people


  • 2 tbsp Ragi Flour
  • 1 cup Blueberries (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 Banana (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Greek Yogurt (or regular yogurt)
  • 11/2 cup water
  • Chia seeds to garnish


  • In a small pan add ragi flour and 1/2 cup water. Mix thoroughly without lumps. Transfer the pan to the stove and cook it on medium heat until the mixture becomes thick and looks like porridge. Make sure, you stir continuously while cooking to avoid lumps. Allow it to cool completely.
  • In a blender, add cooked ragi porridge, blueberries, greek yogurt, banana, 1 cup water, and blend everything together till smooth
  • Transfer the smoothie to a glass, garnish it with chia seeds and enjoy!
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