5 Ways to Support Black Lives Matter Movement As an Immigrant 5

5 Ways to Support Black Lives Matter Movement As an Immigrant

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To my fellow legal immigrants,

I know a lot of you support the #blacklivesmatter movement but scared of sharing your solidarity in public because of potential immigrant risks- fear of losing your job or getting deported.  Causing you to wonder how to support black lives matter without putting yourself at risk.

I know some of you want to be on the streets protesting against police brutality but afraid that an arrest could lead to losing your work permit.

Here are some ways you can support the movement safely!

5 Ways on How to Support Black Lives Matter Movement as an Immigrant

1. Educate yourself

I did not grow up in this county so watching movies such as 13th and Just Mercy was an eye-opener and made me understand what Black people have gone through, why this movement is crucial to overcome centuries of insidious practices, police brutality, and racial injustice.

Here are some Films and Documentaries to watch:

  • 13th — Netflix
  • Just Mercy — Available to rent for free on Amazon Prime.
  • Selma — Available to rent for free on Amazon Prime
  • Hidden Figures— Amazon Prime
  • American Son— Netflix
  • When They See Us— Netflix
  • I Am Not Your Negro— Available to rent for free on Amazon Prime
  • Dear White People — Netflix
  • The Hate you give- Hulu or purchase it on Amazon Prime
  • If Beale Street Could Talk— Hulu
  • The Help— Netflix

Books To Read

Podcasts to Listen


2. Sign Petitions and donate to the cause

Petitions to Sign

Charities to Donate


3. Check-in with your black friends and colleagues-

If you cant share your support publicly, check in with your black friends and colleagues personally, call or text them asking how they are doing, let them know you are on their side, and offer to listen if they want to share.


4. Diversify your feed and expenses

Support diverse brands and local businesses. Search “black-owned restaurants or businesses” on Yelp and other search engines to find businesses to support. near you, The app EatOkra can help you to find and bookmark black-owned restaurants in many major cities and metropolitan.

Below are some black-owned green beauty and fashion brands

Follow diverse accounts on social media. My favorite black influencers to follow are @ayanagabriellelage, @waityouneedthis, @slipintostyle, @hayet.rida, @aliciatenise


5. Be an Ally

Correct any racial conversations you may hear among friends, family, and colleagues. Discuss why they are wrong. As south-Asians and immigrants, we have had our fair share of racist and ignorant comments that constantly remind us that we are different and an outcast.  Here are a few examples of microaggressions faced by people of color.

Do you have any extra tips on how to support Black Lives Matter as an immigrant?  Let me know in a comment below!