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Fall, How To, Stripes

Fall Smart Layering Tips

Layering is a creative way to add warmth to any Fall or Winter outfit. With right layers, you can either dress up or down any outfit. I love layering for the fact that you can pull away attention from your problem areas and look effortlessly stylish. Few tips to smart layering For a structured […]

Lookbook, Summer

Summer Instagram Rewind #6

Happy Fall everyone! Last month I did an end of summer look book. Today, I am adding few more outfits to the list. All of this are my September outfits from Instagram that are debuting on blog today. Surprisingly a lot of this outfits are from Old Navy and are on 40% off right now, use code […]

Indian Fusion & Boho, Summer

Boho Grunge

If you are anything like me who loves everything chic but a little tom boyish at heart, then you will love the grunge boho style. It is more bold, punk and rock n roll than the original boho look, with tough leather jackets, bold jewelry, and black boots that conveys the grunge […]