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Paravel Packing Cubes: the Best Packing Cubes for a Carry On Luggage, a review featured by top US life and style blog, Dreaming Loud
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Travel Essentials: the Best Packing Cubes for a Carry On Luggage

I am an over-packer but I also don’t prefer to check-in luggage because most domestic airlines charge for extra luggage and I personally like to challenge myself to travel light. The difference between people who travel carry-on only and those who don’t is necessarily what they pack but how they pack. This

Traditional Indian gold blouse and skirt look featured by top US modest fashion blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a woman wearing a gold spree blouse, gold silk skirt, gold dupatta, Indian traditional earrings, Crimzon golden wedges, Gold bindi and a Paravel crossbody bag,
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Traditional Indian Gold Blouse and Skirt Outfit

Happy Sharavan / Sawan month to all my Indian married readers! It’s my first Varalakshmi Vratham today post-wedding. My mom has been reminding me about today for the past month, so there is no way I can ever forget it. Did you celebrate today? Varalakshmi Vratam (“Vara means blessing, “Lakshmi”