Giant Food's Virtual Santa Call reviewed by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

Baby V’s First Meet with Santa: Giant Food’s Virtual Santa Call

This post is sponsored by Giant Food. The opinions and text are all mine.

Giant Food's Virtual Santa Call reviewed by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

Baby V met Santa for the first time last week. This meet didn’t involve us standing in long lines in a bustling holiday shopper-packed mall, wearing masks, and worrying about our safety while making memories. We were in our living room, wearing PJs and chatting with Santa on a big screen. Yes, you read it right, we met Santa virtually all thanks to Giant Food and you can too. Keep reading the post for details on how to sign up for a Virtual meeting with Santa through Giant Food.

Giant Food's Virtual Santa Call reviewed by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

How to Schedule your Giant Food’s Virtual Santa Call?

  1. Shop your local Giant Food store, spend $25 or more on participating products listed below) in a single purchase between 11/12 – 12/2/21.
  2. Snap a picture of your receipt.
  3. Upload the image to
  4. You will receive your Santa Key and instructions to book your visit with Santa. Enjoy your FREE Virtual Visit with Santa (limited supply). The retail price for the virtual meet is $29.99.

Participating Products list:

  • Folgers® K-Cups, Canned and Instant Coffee
  • Breyers® Ice Cream 1.5 quarts
  • Pictsweet® Vegetables for Grilling 12 oz.
  • Vegetables for Roasting 16 – 18 oz., and Vegetables for Skillets 13-14 oz.
  • Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz., 25.36 oz., 50.72 oz., 101.4 oz.
  • Bertolli® Extra Light Olive Oil 16.9 oz., 25.36 oz., and 50.72 oz.
  • Bertolli® Cooking Olive Oil 101.44 oz.
  • Select McCormick® spices, gravies, extracts, and food coloring .18 oz. – 2 oz.
  • French’s® Fried Onions 5 – 6 oz.
  • RAGÚ® Pasta Sauce 24 – 66 oz., Pizza Sauce 14 oz., Double Cheddar, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, and Classic Alfredo sauces 16 oz.
  • Bertolli® Alfredo 15 oz., Rustic Cuts Marinara 23 oz., and Pasta Sauces 24 oz.
  • Ferrero Rocher® 12 ct., Kinder Joy .7 oz.
  • Milk-Bone® dog treats
  • Sensodyne® 3.4 oz. – 8 oz.
  • Parodontax® 3.4 oz.
  • Theraflu® 6 ct. – 12 ct.
  • Robitussin® 4 oz. – 8 oz.
  • Chapstick® .15 oz. – .45 oz.
  • Abreva® .07 oz. – .14 oz.
  • Nexium® 24HR 14 ct. and 42 ct
  • Tums® 12 ct – 72 ct.
  • Tums® Chewy Bites 8 ct.- 60 ct., Smoothies 12 ct. – 60 ct., Sugar-Free 80 ct., Ultra 72 ct. – 160 ct., Regular 150 ct., and Assorted Fruit 3 rolls; Advil® 20 ct. – 200 ct.
  • Excedrin® 24 ct. – 100 ct.
  • Voltaren® 50g – 150g, Twin-Pack 2x100g.

Giant Food's Virtual Santa Call reviewed by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

What is a Virtual Santa Call like in real life?

There are a number of companies jumping in to provide virtual Santa visits. We went with Giant Food Virtual Meet because we shop at Giant a lot, not just for groceries, but all of Baby V’s monthly milestone cakes are from Giant, and most importantly I wanted my son to have a more believable experience.

When you book your Santa call on the website, you choose the date and time for the live video visit. Then you will receive a link to fill out a quick survey requesting information for your call, so Santa can personalize his chat. It included questions like how old are the kids, their names, how to pronounce them, what they like, their hobbies, what they want for Christmas, etc.

The visit was very personalized, for example, Santa congratulated us for completing 6 monthly milestones and he also shared about his granddaughter who was of the same age as Vihaan. He also pronounced his name (Vihaan) right<3.

The visit didn’t feel rushed. Santa also asked us what I and my husband do for a living, it was genuinely an amazing experience and much better than waiting in line at the mall.

Giant Food's Virtual Santa Call reviewed by top US lifestyle blogger, Dreaming Loud

Perks of Giant Food’s Virtual Santa Call

The whole experience was awesome and personalized. My favorite part was after the visit you get a keepsake video that you can download and keep forever. So Vihaan and our family can watch his first Santa meet whenever we want.

Key Reminders

  • The FREE Virtual meet is only for a limited number of people, so act fast. Shop today!
  • The $25 spent must be on participating products that I listed above and it should be between 11/12/21– 12/2/21.
  • One receipt upload = one free visit with Santa. There is no limit to how many visits you can earn.

We loved our virtual Santa experience and hope to make it a family tradition and do it every year. It’s so much easier and time-saving. I hope that Giant Food offers the same deal every year!

Let me know in the comments what you think about Giant Food’s Virtual Santa call and if you are up for new family traditions?

Happy Holiday shopping and decorating everyone!