Holiday Gift Guide: Top 25 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Bosses Under $25 featured by top US life and style blog, Dreaming Loud
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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 25 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Bosses Under $25

They are the people you spend countless hours with, the ones you have lunch with every day, take coffee breaks with and if you are lucky, they are some of your dearest friends and mentors. Yes, I am talking about coworkers and bosses. I have rounded off 25 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Bosses Under $25, scroll down to see them all!

25 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Bosses Under $25:

These gifts are not only affordable but also thoughtful. It will help you how much you appreciate your coworkers and boss’s support and friendship. They will also make a great secret Santa or stocking stuffers. Without further ado, let’s get into the post.

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 25 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Bosses Under $25 featured by top US life and style blog, Dreaming Loud

Shop these Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Boss:

1. Phone Charge + stand– for the one who always asks for your phone charger

2. Boss Coffee Mug– for your favorite lady boss

3. Cape Scarf– for the one who is always cold. It’s the perfect scarf to keep it at the desk and wrap it to beat the frigid office AC. I picked a neutral color so it will go with any outfit. This scarf is over $25 but it’s of very good quality. For affordable option check out this

4. Insulated Coffee Flask– For the coffee lover. It’s my favorite mug to drink green tea every day. It keeps my drink warm for a long time.

5. Press Coffee and Tea Maker– For the one who is a picky coffee drinker

6. Perfume Bottel Airpod Case– For the one who loves all things chic.

  1. Planner + Journal– Smart weekly, monthly and a daily planner. I also like this gold planner

8. Cutlery set– For your eco-friendly enthusiast coworker/boss. This comes with a steel spoon, fork, knife, chapsticks, 2 straws, and a cleaning brush. I always have this in my handbag, comes in handy when I forget to carry silverware with my lunch or when I am eating out, a perfect solution to avoid plastic cutlery and spoons.

9. Cardholder in tan and red– Something special and functional for your closest coworker.  The tan one is 40% off.

10. Real Cactus plant– Cactus plants are low maintenance and very easy to grow. They don’t need a green thumb at all. Other real plant options here. If your office doesn’t allow having real plants like mine. Here are some artificial plant options here and here

11. USB Mini Humidifier– The excess heaters in the office can cause dry skin and chapped lips. The humidifier helps to soften and moistens the air. It’s small and cute, perfect for your coworkers or boss’s desk.

12.  Desk Fan– for the one who is always asking to reduce the AC temperature.

13. Desk Heater– Help your coworker/boss stay toasty warm with this tiny and quiet heater.

14. Weleda Handcream– This is the best hand cream I’ve ever used, very moisturizing and makes a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for someone you don’t much.

15. Magnetic Stress ball– For the one who is always stuck in meetings. These are tiny magnets with which you can create different shapes. It’s a great way to pass time and wonderful stress relief.

16. BS Button– Makes an amazing gag gift for your boss.

17. Assorted Caffien free Tea bags– For the one who is also always sipping tea

18. Insulated Mug– For the tea or coffee lovers.

19. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp– For that overworking boss. The Salt lamp will help them to calm and relax while working.

20. Makeup bag– For your skincare/makeup junkie coworker. This is a small pencil case that can be used as a makeup bag. I personally like the individual pen slots that can be used for makeup brushes.

21. Popsocket– Who doesn’t love a cute pop socket? Another great secret Sants or stocking stuffer gift.

22. Candle– Common but most loveable and used gift.

23. Adjustable Foot Rest– This will be a great gift idea for your boss or favorite coworker.

24. Anxiety Ease Essential Oil Blend or a DIY body scrub– Essential oil blend to calm nerves. Add a drop or 2 to your wrist and Inhale for a more peaceful outlook. Add a more personalized touch to your gift by making a body scrub for your colleague. This option is not only thoughtful but also affordable.

25. Gift card of their favorite Restaurant or Caffe- This is an easy and useful gift option.

Shop these Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Boss: