5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas by top US mom blogger Dreaming Loud
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5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas

5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas by top US mom blogger Dreaming Loud

Sharing my first-holiday gift guide of the year- 5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas! This has been a crazy year for daycare teachers or teachers in general with Omicron, flu, and RSV, and I think they all deserve a little bit of extra love and appreciation for going above and beyond to take care of our little ones.

5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas

Daycare Teacher Gift Ideas by Top US mom Blogger Dreaming Loud

1. Create a Self Care Gift Bag

Giving gifts that help someone pamper themselves and prioritize their wellness is truly the best kind of gift, in my opinion. By doing that, you are showing your support in their journey to maintaining self-care.

Things You Can Include in the Self-Care Gift Bag

  1. Gratitude Journal 
  2. Homemade Scrub (shared the recipe in this blog post)
  3. Sheet Masks HERE, HERE, and HERE
  4. Gift Card
  5. Hand Cream
  6. Stainless steel Water Bottle  or this Water bottle with a time tracker
  7. Personalized Note
  8. Fuzzy Socks
  9. Calming Pillow Mist
  10.  Fuzzy socks 

5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts Ideas- Reusable Gift bag by top us mom blogger dreaming loud

I got these cloth gift bags from Target, hoping they can be reused as lunch bags!


Daycare Teacher Gift ideas by top US mom blogger dreaming loud

2. Gift a Low Maintainance House Plant with a personalized note

House Plants, bouquets, and herbs make lovely, inexpensive gifts for teachers that are sure to be appreciated. You must be thinking, are house plants inexpensive? Hear me out; you can easily propagate house plants at home. It sure needs prior planning but is inexpensive, and the joy of giving something you created is unmatched.

Low Maintainance House Plants that are hard to kill

  1. Pothos (with Pot here)
  2. Spider Plant (with pot here)
  3. ZZ Plant
  4. Snake Plant
  5. Anthurium (different pot here; my personal favorite to gift; it makes a good desk plant)


3. Treat The Daycare Staff to Breakfast and Coffee

You can treat the daycare staff to a holiday breakfast or something simple like croissants or donuts and, of course, lots of coffee. For an extra special touch for your little one’s teachers, buy an Insulated coffee mug—love this one from Hyrdo Flask, and you can fill it with a sweet note from you or your child!


5 Thoughtful Daycare Teacher Gifts iDeas-DIY homemade Winter Body Scrub by top US mom blogger Dreaming Loud

4. Make it Homemade

Gift gifting shouldn’t be felt as a pressure or a competition. If you can afford to buy gifts, do it; if not, make something at home or STEP AWAY, AND DO NOT GIVE GIFTS. No teacher will hate you if you don’t give a gift.

Here are some Homemade or Personalized Gift Ideas

  1. DIY Homemade Body scrub (check the recipe here)
  2. Bake some cookies with the help of your child.
  3. Personalized letter to the teacher by your child
  4. DIY bookmark with a quote (something like this)
  5. Propagate a house plant or grow a herb plant at home


5. You Can’t go wrong with Gift Cards

A Gift card is the most preferred gift by Teachers as it will allow the teacher to get exactly what they want. You can choose flexible options that everyone will appreciate, like Amazon or Target or a Visa gift card.

Whatever you decide to gift, your little one’s daycare teacher will know how much you appreciate them!