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Baby Boy Fall Outfits

Baby Boy Fall Outfits | Baby Boy Clothes by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: collage image of baby boy playsuits, sweaters, pants, plaid shirts, jumpsuits, onesies, shoes, and pants.

Baby Boy Clothes for Fall

Fall is my favorite season to dress up. This year I am more excited to dress Baby V for fall. You might have already seen his first fall outfit in yesterday’s post. From athleisure to fall classics like plaid flannels, you can find everything in the baby version which makes go ahhhhh. Though I am excited to dress him in cord pants, jackets, and shirts, I hold myself back as he has all this teen and adulthood to wear them. So, I added a combination of cute baby playsuits, dressy outfits for fall family photoshoots, and fashion-forward athleisure sets to my list of favorite baby boy clothes for fall.

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(from left to right) Puffer Vest, Sweater, Cord pants, Shoes | Addidas Track pant, and shirt, Addidas set in black, Sneakers | Rabbit sleepsuit | Safari overall set (seen here) | Red plaid and cord suspender set | Sweater top and bottom set | Flannel romper | Mickey mouse fleece set | Playsuit set | Flannel | Cardigan set | Hoodie and pant set | Khaki pant set | Halloween playsuit | Plaid top and bottom set

What are your favorite baby boy clothes for fall?  Let me know in a comment below!