How to Stay Centered and Focused: Tips from a Lifestyle Blogger 

Today, women have a lot of noise coming their way — from work, men, social media and sometimes their families. How can you sort through it all? As a lifestyle blogger, I often think deeply about these matters, and I research them and share my findings with my readers. 

But I’m not just a lifestyle blogger, I’m also a mom blogger, a beauty blogger, a modest fashion blogger and an Indian blogger. And to be able to fully relate to my readers, I work to find my common thread among these identities. After all, that’s what makes me, me. 

On my lifestyle pages, I include many topics — travel, home décor, wellness and more. But I also dig deeper, blogging about such issues as being an immigrant in the U.S., setting goals for yourself, engaging with others and finding peace and self-love. The goal of my lifestyle blog is to tackle these topics while staying true to the spirit of my blog, which, at its essence, is about living a green, natural lifestyle while being glamorous at the same time. 

In my lifestyle blog posts, I push women to think about what makes them happy and healthy, and to pursue these activities. Being happy and healthy should not be harder when you’re a wife and mother. You must still make time for yourself, so that you feel valued not just in your familial roles, but also when you’re completely alone (as rare as that may be!). I urge you to dress up and do your hair and makeup not for the male gaze, but because it makes you feel chic and glamorous. Make yourself a priority. Start today. 

How to Feel at Home with Yourself: 5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Homesick featured by top US life and style blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a woman wearing a Christy Dawn floral dress, FAITHFULL THE BRAND Bag, Manebi raffia espadrilles
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How to Feel at Home with Yourself: 5 Essential Tips to Avoid Feeling Homesick

Life is so beautiful- especially when you’re living your dream! Last week when I was unpacking my Indian clothes (yes! I haven’t unpacked them till now), I suddenly felt this deep lonely feeling. Being in India for 2 whole months (Jan and Feb) for my wedding, I have had this homesick

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15 Hindu Telugu Rituals for your Traditional Indian Wedding Day

When I announced my wedding back in Jan, I got several requests asking me to share all the wedding pictures and Telugu Rituals. So here is a complete walkthrough of all the rituals I had on my traditional Hindu Telugu wedding day with a detailed explanation of every ritual and

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15 Desi / Indian Customs of Mine

As they say, old habits die hard! Wherever you go, your upbringing and culture have a tremendous influence on you. Born and bred in India, the culture, rituals, & few myths are strongly imbibed in me. Some I want to pass on to my next generation, some I am still working to get out of it and some that warm my heart and makes me giggle.