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My Almost Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist: New Born Essentials (Free downloadable Checklist)

Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist_ New Born Essentials by top Maryland motherhood blog dreaming loud

Creating a nontoxic Baby Registry checklist was a daunting, overwhelming, and exciting experience. As someone who didn’t know the difference between a bib and a burp, there was a lot of research and learning involved. It took me a couple of months to finally decide on items I want to add to my baby registry!

Like any other parent-to-be, I wanted the safest, natural, and best products for my baby. As I learned more about the toxins (will be doing another post on harmful toxins and how to find natural products) included in the baby products and found items that are non-toxic and sustainable. I realized that my options got limited and my budget went up. So, our game plan was to invest in natural baby products that the baby will be spending the most amount of time on and/or items that have longer usage. So below you will find a mix of both natural and non-natural products which is mentioned in the description and also added non-toxic alternatives for the same.

Here are all the products we chose, I did my best to review every single item which made this post super long but I wanted to make it easy for you to create your registry especially if you are a first-time mom, the whole process can be really overwhelming. DON’T PANIC by seeing the long list read through the post, and add the items that you think will be essential for you. Some of the baby must-haves can be different for different people, it depends on how much help you have or whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. Read the “Notes” section under products for detailed review. 

Here are a few options where you can create your baby registry, all these registries have free goodies that you will get when you make a purchase through the registry.

  1. Amazon Baby Registry – massive selection, excellent service, reliability, and easy return policy. Prime members receive 15% off up to $2000 worth of baby items 60 days before your due date. Gifts can be returned in one year but registry owners have 90 days return policy.
  2. Target Baby Registry– you can go look at items in person and a 90-day return policy. They offer a 15% completion discount. The discount is good for two separate uses, one 15 percent coupon for a purchase at a Target store and another 15 percent promotion code. for
  3. Buy Buy Baby Registry– you can return purchases for up to a year, good discounts, and physical stores to look at items. In addition to the 20% off coupon that you can use anytime, Buy Buy Baby will also send you a 15% completion discount several weeks before your due date which you can’t combine with the other coupons.
  4. Babylist Baby Registry– you can add products from different retailers. You can return the items within 9 months. Whatever you don’t receive as a gift, you can buy with a 15% registry discount. The coupon is eligible within 60 days before the baby’s estimated due date. This is where I created my registry. I was able to add items from amazon, target, and other retailers.

Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist_ New Born Essentials by top Maryland motherhood blog dreaming loud

My Almost Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist

  Baby Registry Checklist- Gear

1. Travel System- Chicco Corso Travel system came with their popular KeyFit 30, car seat base, newborn insert, lightweight frame stroller, and a toddler seat. Both the car seat and toddler seat have forward facing and parent facing options. Chicco is greenguard gold certified for its low chemical emissions but their car seats are not flame retardant free but in reality, most car seats in the market right now in the US contain at least one chemical flame retardant in order to meet the federal fire test standard for vehicle accessories. Federal fire tests can be met by using wool – which is naturally a fire retardant instead of chemicals. This is what Nuna Pipa and Uppababy car seats use but they come with a hefty price tag.

We also got a used Uppababy vista stroller with the bassinet (no car seat- it is not recommended to buy used car seats) on FB market place which was in pretty good shape. We used it to baby train our dog and also used the bassinet for the first month. You can see the stroller in action here.

Notes: You can see the stroller in action on my Instagram. The stroller is sleek, stylish, reasonably lightweight, and very easy to operate. What I love the most about the stroller is you can quickly fold and open the stroller with ONE HAND and compact enough to throw it in the back of a car. The stroller also has an amazing adjustable suspension that will give you a smooth ride even in bumpy terrain. We put the stroller in the roof rack during our long road trip last month, I was worried that we would ruin it but it sustained a pretty heavy storm and still looked new. Overall it’s a sturdy stroller that does not only look incredible but is extremely practical. It also has decent storage, it fits my big diaper tote and still has space left to put something else. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

2. Stroller Organizer – This Skiphop organizer pouch is great to keep your cellphone, water bottle, and other essentials on the go. Shop at Target, Buy buy baby

3. Baby Carrier- The Tula Baby Explore carrier can be used for front and back carrying and can have the baby facing forward and backward. It works from Newborn(7 lbs) to toddlerhood up to 45 pounds. The carrier is made with soft and breathable 100% cotton with no toxic flame retardants and it’s easy to clean and machine washable.

Notes- Highly recommend investing in a baby carrier. Babywearing is a wonderful way to connect and nurture your baby while being able to do things hands-free at home and outside. I use the carrier at times for our evening walks (thanks to #dl10kchallenge, I get some workout done every day), I put him facing forward (since he is 5 months now) so he can enjoy the view along with me. It came in really handy when we went to Niagara Falls last month. I really appreciate the mobile pocket in the waistband, so easy to reach to take it out and put it back without disturbing the baby, it’s definitely one of the best features of this carrier. I waited to use the carrier up until my son was able to keep his head upright which was around close to 3 months as I read reviews about the wrap semi-lacking head support for newborns. I would personally prefer a cloth wrap in the early weeks or a newborn carrier over exploring for the first couple of months. 

4. Car Seat Mirror- I didn’t know babies love to look at themselves in mirrors until we added this car seat mirror :D. It attaches pretty securely so I don’t have to worry about it coming off. It works like a toy for my son, and keeps him occupied while also helping us to check on him while driving. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

5. Diaper Bag- Dagne Dover diaper tote gives you quick and easy access to everything. It comes with a portable diaper changing pad, removable bottle holder, extra zipper opening for easy access wipes, and a ton of organizational pockets to keep all the baby essentials and toys. It comes with a longer strap or handles to carry it and stroller straps to clip it to the stroller.

Notes- I am personally a huge fan of the brand and use their laptop tote for work. I LOVE that the diaper tote looks like a regular bag and can be used beyond a diaper tote. I got it in dark moss color, it’s an incredible color and doesn’t look weird even if my husband holds it 😀 If you are not a backpack person like me and looking for a tote, get this one you won’t regret. Shop at Dagne Dover

Baby Registry Checklist- Nursery

6. Pack and Play- We received the Graco pack and play as a baby shower gift and absolutely loved the idea of having a portable crib/play area that is easy to move (lightweight and comes with 2 wheels), packable, and travel-friendly. It can be used up until the baby is 30 pounds. This is an amazing option if you live in small spaces. Graco products are not free from flame retardants since we will be moving the baby to a crib real soon which is toxic-free I am not much worried but if I honestly knew how functional the playpens were, I could have added the 4moms breeze go portable travel Playard or Lotus everywhere crib in my baby registry as it’s free from flame retardant, BPA, PVC, lead and other heavy metals.

Notes: You can see it in action in my IG story highlight “Baby Essentials“. Hands-down a playpen is my number one baby essential! Very easy to put together. We use it as a day bed for my son and take it with us every time we go out to our friend’s place. It creates a safe sleep environment for the baby on the go. Since we put it in the living room, it has helped my son get used to sleeping with noises around him. We also briefly had it beside our bed but it wasn’t on the same level as the bed so I had to get out of the bed to pick the baby up for feeding and diaper changes.  Also, we got these Mattress sheets. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

7. Crib-The Davinvinci 4-in-1 convertible crib is green guard certified and made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine wood, and lead safe. It can be easily converted from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed, and full-sized bed using conversion kits sold separately.

Notes: Only used it a few times but once we sleep train baby V, this will be his bed! Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

8. Crib Mattress- The Newton Crib Mattress is 100% breathable, recyclable, and completely washable. The crib mattress is 2-stage, meaning it will last well into toddlerhood and beyond (up to 5 years) and it’s green guard gold certified.

Notes- With this I don’t have to worry if my son rolls over and sleeps because of its innovative Breathe-Thru technology that lets air pass freely and independently.

Use code dreamin_loud50 for $50 off mattresses or orders over $250

Organic Mattress sheets here, here, and here

9. Dresser- We went with the solid wood 7-drawer dresser that will be perfect for any room in the house. The best part was it came completely assembled.

Notes: All Vihaan’s everyday essentials from diapers to his clothes, accessories to health and safety essentials, everything goes into this. I use this and this dresser organizer to fit everything in and organize them into categories. 

10. Changing Pad- This Keekkaro Peanut changing pad makes diaper changes hassle-free. I don’t have to worry about washing sheet covers or investing in disposable sheat liners, just wipe clean the surface and I am done. It’s waterproof, BPA-free, and completely toxic-free, made with dura-soft material that limits the growth of bacteria and mold. It is on the pricier side but it reduces waste and if you add up a few organic pad covers, and waterproof disposable liners you’re already saving money with this one.

Notes- If changing pad is a must-have for you, highly recommend this one. We also use this for oil massaging before the bath, and changing clothes and it has been really helpful with tummy time as well. We also have this portable changing pad for diaper changes. It was $20 and has pockets to hold diapers and wipes. Our nursery is on the second level so the portable one has been very useful for my mom to change the diapers in the living room itself. You can just get this and move around the house with the baby + it’s travel-friendly. Shop at Amazon, Buy buy baby

11. Recliner and Swivel Glider -The Davinci Recliner and Swivel Glider are very very comfortable and great to calm a fussy baby. It looks like a regular recliner so I know we will be using it beyond a nursing chair. We plan on moving it to our bedroom/family room when we longer need it in the nursery.

Notes- I also like this chair to sit and read books to Vihaan. But to be honest, I would have survived without one. I sit on the couch most times when I am feeding him. I will probably use it more when Vihaan sleeps in the nursery. Right now with my parents around, he is mostly in the living room or in our room. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

12. White Noise Machine- We use this portable white noise machine every night. I love that it’s affordable ($28) and easy to move around the house and can be hung on the stroller or the crib!

Notes- This noise machine also helps me sleep better 😀 before baby V was born I used to play sleep music on youtube and go to sleep. You can definitely do that and save money! Also, I mostly do shhh noise with my mouth which usually helps put him to sleep faster. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

13. Baby Lounger- The Snuggle me organic baby lounger is made with 100% organic cotton (but the inside is filled with traditional polyester) which makes it safe for the washer and dryer.  It gives your little one a spot to hang out or can be used as a co-sleeper. The lounger gives a swaddle-like feel with cushions all around and a hammock effect in the center so babies tend to sleep better on them. But AAP doesn’t recommend unsupervised sleep on loungers.

Notes-My son used to sleep so well and long in this lounger. We use to put it in the pack and play and sometimes also used it to co-sleep with him at night (esp on days when I was tired and needed a good night’s sleep). It has helped us to wean him out of swaddles faster and also with tummy time. But once the baby shows the sign of rolling over, it’s better to not put them in this for long, as it restricts them from rolling over. We successfully weaned him out of the lounger recently, now he likes to sleep on his side (just like his mamma :D). The scope of a lounger is very short, for us, it was only 3 months but was a fulfilling 3 months. I also use the lounger to take his monthly milestone pictures so I can create a collage when he turns 1. The lounger retails at $99, here is another option (I found out recently) made of organic cotton and cheaper than snuggle me organic but I have not personally used it. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

14. Laundry Hamper– Got this elephant wicker hamper, it comes with a removable laundry bag, the hamper can also be used to store toys and stuff. Also like this and this 

15. Velvet Hangers– Got these baby velvet hangers

Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist_ New Born Essentials by top Maryland motherhood blog dreaming loud

Baby Registry Checklist- Feeding

16. Nursing Pillow- I have compared several nursing pillows and went with My Brest Friend super deluxe pillow for 2 reasons- I like the back-support cushion, the selling point for me was the adjustable snap that secures the pillow around the waist and keeps it in place. However, it’s made with polyester but you can get an organic cover to have a safe layer that touches the baby’s skin.

Notes- This was very very useful for an initial couple of months of breastfeeding, my husband also used it when he was bottle-feeding the baby. Once I started exclusively bottle feeding we hardly used the pillow. It’s useful if you plan on breastfeeding for long. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

17. Burp Cloths- Organic cotton or muslin burp clothes that are soft, thick, and extra absorbent here and here. I got 2 sets each.

Notes- Even more useful when you start bottle feeding, to wipe their mouth, put them around the baby’s neck while feeding as a bib, or put them on your shoulder when you are carrying them for burping so if they end up puking you don’t have to change.

18. Bottle Warmer- Kiinde Kozii is one of the best bottle warmers on the market. It uses water circulation to warm the milk and has good temperature control- doesn’t over or under heat. It fits all types of bottles- plastic, silicon, steel, glass feeding bottles, and milk storage bags. I love that it came with a warming time chart for determining the appropriate warming time for your specific container, and quantity.

Notes- We use the bottle warmer every day and for every feed to warm frozen breast milk or warm water for formula. You can survive without this by using warm water to warm the bottle but don’t allow the temperature to go above 104 °F. Overall it’s more convenient. saves a ton of time and is travel-friendly. We took it with us for the road trips last month, it was really helpful. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

19. Baby bottles- I ordered bottles from a bunch of different brands to see which ones work for us. Dr. Brown’s natural flow (got it in narrow nipple) is most recommended as it helps reduce gas and colic. I attended a feeding class and the instructor recommended Evenflow feeding bottles (got it in wide nipple) as the nipple is similar to the breast and it also prevents colic, and gas. I got both the bottles in glass and was impressed that they weren’t as heavy as I anticipated.

Notes- We like both but Dr. Brown’s narrow bottle was easy for my son to latch on and we haven’t had any issues with colic or gas after using this bottle. My LO falls asleep whenever I use even flow bottles without completing his milk just like he falls asleep on my breast. He definitely finds the even flow bottles more soothing. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy Baby

20. Bottle Brush– Looked high and low for a good plastic-free alternative but couldn’t find one yet. We use this Munchkins bottle brush, it cleans really well and is BPA-free.

21. Sterilizer + dryer– The Baby Breeza sterilizer sterilizes and dries bottles in one step. It uses natural steam without any chemicals to dry the bottles. It has been helping us save so much time in sterilizing bottles in between feeding and pumping. All my pumping essentials and bottles go into this in one shot.

Notes- We run the sterilizer more than anything in our kitchen. If you are planning to pump and bottlefeed, this will be a lifesaver. For exclusive breastfeeding moms, it’s a waste of money.  Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

22. Nipple cream/ Silverette Nursing cups– Sore and cracked nipples are common while breastfeeding. I have both the Earth Mama nipple balm and the Silvretta nursing cup for rescue. The Silvretta cups are made of silver which is known to have healing properties. Add breastmilk to the cups and wear it on your nipple between the feedings.

Notes: The Silverrette cups were very useful initially but once the baby got used to the perfect latch and he stopped bitting me. I didn’t use it much. It did work better than regular nipple butter. Rubbing breastmilk on sore nipples work wonders. With this cup, you tend to do that. Get it only if you are experiencing sore nipples and plan to breastfeed for long!

23. Branch Basics Soap for Bottle cleaning and Laundry– I LOVE Branch Basics. Their products are 100% clean and sustainable. You can make multiple cleaning products with their concentrated solution. The multi-purpose cleaner in their starter kit can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces and is gentle enough to clean baby bottles, pacifiers and toys. I use the concentrate to make the laundry detergent to wash all the baby clothes and essentials.

Shop the starter kit here (use code DREAMINGLOUD for 15% off all Starter Kits except the Trial Kit)

24. Pacifier– We tried a couple of pacifiers and ended up with NUK Orthodontic Pacifiers. The popular and plastic-free Philips pacifier was too big for V. The ring was close to his nostrils which scared me whenever it was in his mouth. Nuk works great for us, it also glows in the dark, so easy to find it without turning on the light, and works as a toy for my baby. He holds the ring and plays with it. I really wish it was plastic-free. Shop it at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

25. Breast Pump– I got the hospital-grade Spectra S1 breast pump for free through my insurance. My insurance actually offered S2 for free, I paid the difference between S1 and s2 and got s1 instead. S1 doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall while pumping, that’s the only difference between the two pumps. I also bought a wireless portable Elvie wireless breast pump that goes right into the bra, check out my complete review HERE. For nursing and pumping bras, check my Instagram highlight BF/pumping

Baby Registry Checklist- Bath & Diaper

26. Diapers– We tried different brands and our favorite non-toxic and eco-friendly diapers are Dyper and Andy Pandy. The newborn diapers from both brands are big and suitable for a 2-3 month baby. We didn’t experience any leaking or rashes with either diaper. Right now we get Pampers from Sams club as they are easily available. They didn’t cause any rash but I am not a huge fan of their design, the little ruched detail presses and leaves marks on my baby at times. I slowly want to switch to cloth diapers.

27. Water Wipes- Most water wipes are made with 99% water so just get what is easily available and affordable for you. We get these Huggies wet wipes from sams club but don’t use them for more than 6 months as they don’t have any preservatives (for good reasons of course!)

28. Diaper Balm, Body wash, and Moisturizer– The Tubby todd Regulars bundle includes all the 3 products. They are free from all toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance, color, BPA, and animal cruelty-free. These products are specifically made for sensitive skin. The all-over ointment can be used for diaper rash, chapped skin, cradle cap, and serious eczema.

Notes- The All Over Ointment works like magic with diaper rashes. It healed the diaper rash within a day, now we lather it on his bum at least after one diaper change to prevent any future rashes. Being said, my son has recently been experiencing an itchy scalp and baby rash, and our pediatrician said it could be a cradle cap and mild eczema. I am trying a few things and will share more details if they work out.

Shop the bundle here (this link will take you to the website and adds a 10% off discount code in the checkout; search for Regulars bundle to shop) for samples you can go to the individual product and select travel size. 

29. Diaper Pail- The Ubbi diaper pail is made with stainless steel which blocks odor better than plastic plus it’s eco-friendly. You don’t need to buy any inserts for this, you can use the regular 13-gallon trash bags or cloth liners if you are using cloth diapers.

Notes- I love the look of this pail, it doesn’t look like a dustbin, and adds to the aesthetics of the nursery. Functionality-wise, it does a great job of blocking the odor so far. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

30. Bath Tub– The Skip hop 3-stage bathtub can be used from day one. The comfortable mesh sling cradles the newborn, when the baby is ready for assisted sitting, you can change the sling position to a reclined backrest. And finally, when the baby is ready to sit up, you can remove the sling.  The tub is BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free but the sling is made of polyester. We also got the waterfall mug along with the tub.

Notes- We LOVE this tub and use it every single day, the sling insert is very convenient to bathe a newborn. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

31. Bath Towel– I LOVE these organic cotton Bath towels. They are supremely soft, absorbent, and fast-drying. They are big, and also ideal for toddlers and small kids.

Note- I bought one towel initially since they are pricey, tried a few other brands, and ended up coming back to these. We have 3 of them right now and use them regularly. 

32. Wash Clothes– Love these super soft organic bamboo washcloths. Ideal for sponge baths.

Baby Registry Checklist- Health and Wellness

33. Digital Thermometer– We have a similar one to this

34. Nail Clipper–  We use this nail clipper. The safety spy hole makes the process failproof and quick.

35. Gripe Water–  Mommy’s Bliss Gripe water contains organic fennel and ginger as the main active ingredients and it doesn’t have any artificial flavors, gluten, or dairy. It’s a must-have for those helpless times to ease occasional stomach discomfort and gas often associated with fussiness and hiccups. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

36. Humidifier– Got this 3-in-1 humidifier, diffuser, and nightlamp. I love it, the night is actually enough for night feeding but I don’t turn it on every day (esp non-summer months) as too much humidifier is not good. If you want just a humidifier, here is a much cheaper option. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby

Baby Registry Checklist- Clothing

Highlighting only a few options here, I will do a detailed post on practical newborn clothing!

37. Velcro Swaddle– Swaddling makes newborns feel comforted and gives them a womb-like feel so they tend to cry less and sleep more. Well, you can torture yourself and try to wap the baby in a perfect burrito using swaddle clothes or you can cheat your way with these Velcro swaddles and save some time for some more sleep. Halo Swaddles come with zipper and velcro wings which makes swaddling a baby amazingly simple. I got one in cotton and one in fleece, the fleece one is perfect for colder month babies as it provides extra warmth and comfort.

38. Muslin Swaddle Clothes-We use these muslin swaddles like crazy. They are very soft, and big, and also make little blankets and placemats. Since we have a dog that shed like crazy, so whenever we put baby V down, we put him on these swaddle cloths. Even when I am holding him, I also like to put the swaddling cloth on my shoulder as he likes to rub his face against my top. I also own and love these, these and these swaddles

39. Onesies and Playsuits- Linking a few of my favorites onesies this, this, this, and this. Playsuits love this, this and this

40 Baby Hats- love these, they also fit perfectly on my son. These NB ones are also good but he grew out of him in weeks. Another organic cotton hat option here

41. Mittens– These Gerber NB mittens fit perfectly on my son.

42. Socks– I am obsessed with baby socks, how cute are these sketches style socks? also got these organic cotton ones, very good

43. Receiving Blanket– The barefoot dreams receiving blanket is the softest baby blanket ever. Also, love the print, can you be used on either side.

Baby Registry Checklist- Playtime

Highlighting only a few options here, I will do a detailed post on our favorite toys for 0-3 months!

44. Rocker/Bouncer/Cradle4 moms mamaRoo not only bounces up and down and sways from side to side (just like parents do when comforting their babies), but also features five unique motions and five-speed options which can be controlled through the 4moms app on the phone. Plus, it has four built-in sounds to soothe your baby, or you can connect your phone to play music, too. For 0-3 months, you need to get the infant insert for it.

Notes- If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably have seen my son in it like every day in my stories. Any kind of cradle or bouncer is so useful in the first 4 months when the baby is still unable to sit up unassisted so you can keep the baby in it and get some work done. being said, it is not suggested to keep the baby in containers as it restricts from rolling over, sitting, and crawling. Just use it for some time during the day when you want a break. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby 

45. Play Gym–  The Lovevery play gym is an activity gym and playmat in one. From batting to teething to learning to focus—for playtime and tummy time, the mat really grows with the baby and offers stage-based activities for the whole year. The playmat is washable and is made with sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe materials

Notes- We have been using this play gym for Baby v since week 1 and it’s been amazing to see him explore the mat more and more each month. He started by staring at the high-contrast images the mat came with on the top and also on the mat which also helped him with tummy time.  As he grew he started noticing the hanging toys and tried reaching them, he then started grabbing them and playing with them. It also helped him to practice sitting. There is still so much more for him to explore on the mat. I am excited to turn it into a play tent and play with him. Shop at Amazon, Target, Buy buy baby


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Would you add anything else to this non-toxic baby registry list?  Let me know in a comment below!