Hospital Cheklist-Vera bradley Reactive Weekender Travel Bag

What’s In My Hospital Bag (+ free printable Hospital bag checklist!)

What’s In My Hospital Bag (+ free printable Hospital bag checklist!)1 | Hospital Bag by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: Pinterest image of a woman sitting next to her blue hospital bag.

We are officially a month away from my due date. Like WHAAT! time flew by so fast. I received the first piece of baby clothes I ordered this week and I almost teared up. Up until last week, I was mostly freaking out thinking about labor, the pain, and what lies ahead but this week (touch wood) has been good. I have been focusing my energy on happy moments like holding the baby and getting the nursery ready.

Our bags for the hospital are almost packed. I am still waiting to receive a few things like the nursing pillow, peri bottle, etc but I have finalized the list of things I want to pack. I’ve read and heard from my followers on IG that the hospital provides ALL the necessities you need and all the things you bring from home are purely for comfort and ease. So, I am not stressing much about packing the “perfect” things. I am ok with bringing back things unused. I will, however, update the post highlighting the things I used vs didn’t use.

Let’s get into the post, dig deep into my packing list 🙂 I’ve included a FREE printable hospital bag checklist with everything you’ll likely want/need + a few extras!

* I’ve updated this post after having Vihaan and have put all my thoughts on what I used and did not use in this list in italics at the bottom of each section!

Hospital Cheklist-Vera bradley Reactive Weekender Travel Bag |Hospital Bag by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a woman holding a blue duffel bag and standing next to a grey crib.

What’s In My Hospital Bag

My Bag- Clothes, Shoes, and Postpartum Essentials

  • Hospital Bag: I love this Vera Bradley ReActive weekender. I am packing some of my stuff and all the baby stuff in this. It comes with a ton of internal compartments for easy accessibility so when we need to grab toiletries or a baby’s going home outfit, we don’t have to rummage through the whole bag. The best part is that the bag is sustainably sourced from recycled water bottles! Apart from this, a cabin suitcase where I packed our clothes for 3 days, a diaper bag where our wallets, laptops, chargers, medicines, and of course diapers and wipes were packed.  (used)
  • Nursing-friendly Pajamas. I packed 3 pairs of pajamas, this button-front bamboo PJs that are extremely soft, hypoallergenic, and cooling, the 3-piece Storq cotton lounge set that was sent to me as a gift is thick, breathable, and flattering. The jacket is great to cover up when it’s cold or when you don’t feel like wearing a bra post or during nursing! and this luxe-looking soft 3-piece set from Amazon. I also packed a robe to wear with the bamboo PJs. (used)
  • Nursing bra: I have been wearing nursing bras since the end of my second trimester. Instead of investing in bigger size regular bras, I bought nursing bras. I have tried quite a few options from Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, and these might be my favorite. I also packed a padded nursing bra. (used)
  • Underwear: packed postpartum high-waisted underwear that I got a month back. I never thought I would need bigger underwear after the 7th month. The panties are very soft, big, and the lace detailing is cute and doesn’t press the stomach. (did not use; wore the disposable undies)
  • Disposable Undies/Adult Diapers– I read that hospital provides mesh underwear and a diaper separately that may or may not be comfortable so packed a few of these Depend disposable underwear that comes with an inbuilt diaper. (used- recommend them, the hospital provided ones were bulky and uncomfortable)
  • Nursing Pillow: After much research and contemplating, I decided on my Brest Friend Super deluxe nursing pillow  I love the wrap-around design that secures the pillow to the body and has good lumbar support. (used)
  • Labor Gown– Hospital provides a labor gown but you can definitely carry your own. Kindred Beverly sent me this labor gown and I am in love with the colors and the material. It’s very pretty and comfy. (used but I was asked to change into a hospital gown before c-section)
  • Flip Flops: for hospital showers or walking the halls while in labor. Got these flip flops they are sturdy, not slippery, and water-friendly. Runs small, size up one size. (used)
  • Fuzzy Slippers: I live in these slippers and planning to wear them to the hospital as well unless there is snow in the forecast. They have great grip, are warm, and can be worn indoor and outdoor. (did not use)
  • Going home outfit– packed this nursing nightgown in blue florals and this cardigan. Probably the only thing I would want to live in post-delivery. (used)
  • Silverette: I read these silver nipple cups work better than nipple butter for healing cracked and sore nipples. I will let you guys know how much they helped me in my post-partum essential post. (used)
  • Peri bottle: got this Frida peri bottle as I read that this one cleans better than the one provided in the hospital. The ergonomic squeeze bottle comes with an angled head to reach the tender area easily and it has more of a “gentle shower” feeling while the hospital-provided peri bottle has a single harsh squirt. (did not use, only useful if you have normal birth)
  • Nursing breast pads: to absorb breast milk from leaking breasts and protect your clothes from stains. I got these washable organic bamboo breast pads. (did not use; the nursing bra pads were enough)
  • Socks: packed my Comrad compression socks that have been helping with swollen feet. (used, my feet was swollen post-delivery)
  • Wallet with driver’s license, insurance card, and credit card. (used)
  • Prenatal Documents that will be provided by your OBGYN (used)


Hospital Cheklist-vera bradley Reactive Weekender Travel Bag |Hospital Bag by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a woman holding a blue duffel bag and standing next to a grey crib.

Tech and Miscellaneous

  • Laptop and charger (used)
  • Instead of buying an extra-large USB which was most recommend, we are planning to pack an extension cord we have in the house. (did not use)
  • Pillow and Blanket- We are going to take our own pillows and blankets as I was told that the hospital’s blankets are thin and not comfortable. (used, highly recommend carrying yours for yourself and your partner)
  • Snacks – energy bars, dates, chips, (used)
  • Earphones (used)
  • Water bottle  (used)
  • Nurse Basket/gift basket- filled with snacks and goodies like dry shampoo, sheet mask, hair ties, etc. just to say thank you to nurses! (used; all the nurses were angles, they really appreciated the gesture)
  • Room spray– This essential oil-infused room spray calms me down. it smells amazing, feels like I am in a yoga studio meditating. (did not use)
  • Tums (did not use)
  • Tool softener  (used, these were lifesaver post-delivery)
  • Prenatal vitamins and Iron supplements (used)
  • Change for the vending machine (did not use)

Hospital Cheklist-vera bradley Reactive Weekender Travel Bag |Hospital Bag by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a woman sitting next to her blue duffle bag and some piles of clothes and blankets.

For Baby

For Rajesh

  • 2 set of outfits
  • PJs for sleep
  • Socks and underwear
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries

Free Printable Hospital bag Checklist |Hospital Bag by popular Maryland motherhood blog, Dreaming Loud: image of a printable hospital bag checklist.



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